Do yourself a favor, and hum the pink-panther theme while you look at these.

Becks has a friend who owns an apartment here in New Zealand, and is currently overseas. It was recently discovered that her apartment is of the leaky variety, and so work was done to fix it.

Being the diligent home-owner that she is, she asked Becks to swing past and take a photo for her, just so she could see the window ledges that had been fixed. Being pretty much awesome, Becks decided that just taking a photo wasn’t enough.

Instead she enlisted Jasmyne and I to go with her, on a covert mission…

And being that it was a covert mission… We dressed as spies.

Best of all? She got Jasmyne to take the photos, and she’s pretty much awesome too. Also? A real live photographer.

(Just FYI, all the super amazing images below are copyright to Jasmyne Chung 2010 – please don’t steal them!! – if you want more info email, and I’ll put you in touch with her.)

(Also? The photos are freaking HUGE. I know. Sorry. I couldn’t wait to resize them. They’re just too much fun!)

Our photo shoot. Of the apartment repairs.

Intercepting the Mission Parameters… Jaz is dressed like Carmen Sandiego, I’m dressed like a 1920’s Sleuth, and Becks is a Russian Spy!

Armed and ready… Ladies? We’re going in.

The Russian luring in an unsuspecting security guard, while Carmen Sandiego, and The Smiling Assassin lay in wait.

The Smiling Assassin looks positively gleeful at the prospect of leaping out from behind her pillar, and shooting some dude full of lead! (Mostly because the Smiling Assassin couldn’t stop giggling.)

The Russian and the Sleuth sharing information… Carmen Sandiego seems to be spying… That turncoat!! This is why you never trust a lady who won’t leave the house without oversized sunglasses and a huge brimmed hat. She’s clearly a shady character!

Lucky the Russian and the Sleuth are on to her hijinks! Freeze, Carmen Sandiego, you yellow-bellied traitor!!

And that’s a wrap ladies. Mission accomplished

Wait… What? We didn’t actually take a photo of the apartment repairs?

Geeze… You people are so freaking demanding. I mean, we risk life, and limb, and serious embarrassment by crawling around in an alleyway behind an apartment building, while members of the public stare and laugh at us… FINE :

Here’s your freaking windows. Note the new ledges above the windows to prevent rain from getting in. Also the refreshed paint-job.


9 thoughts on “Do yourself a favor, and hum the pink-panther theme while you look at these.

  1. These are amazing, and it looks as if you had an amazing time during the photo shoot! Did I mention that you ladies make spies looks way cool?

  2. Awesome photos! I love the whole idea of dressing up for a themed photo shoot! How cool that you know someone talented to take the pics! They are great and you gals looked like you had a blast! 🙂

  3. Fan-freaking-fantastic!
    Becks – Photo two – finger outside the trigger guard until you have decided to shoot!
    (What are they teaching in spy school nowadays!)
    Photos are great. Would you mind emailing some to me please.
    Looks like you had a great day.
    The smiling assassins Dad.

    Hey Dad, photos should be in your inbox 🙂 I’m pretty darn pleased with them myself!!
    Love Shan

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