Day 23 → Something you wish you had done in your life.

30 Days of Truth

I wish I had dyed my hair Blue…

The one time I mentioned it to my Mum, she nearly had a heart attack. Mum is pretty much anti-blue hair.

It’s a shame though, because I would have rocked blue hair – in fact? I still might! But… ah, not any time soon, considering all the parental visitation coming up.


4 thoughts on “Day 23 → Something you wish you had done in your life.

  1. I think that immediately after the Lolidays you should totally dye your hair blue, and then post pics so that we can all revel in the beauty of it!

  2. Humanitarikim: (Wow.. Your name is REALLY hard to spell) I’m actually going to dye my hair a kind of a reddish shade – BEFORE the holidays. Later today, actually. It’s going to be ‘Intense Red Auburn’
    Red shades mean I don’t have to bleach my naturally dark brown hair…

    Galit:Oh my gosh YES, I completely forgot about my teenage desire to have ocean coloured hair, until I saw that movie a couple of years ago! I admire girls who randomly change their hair colour to unnatural shades.. Anything that requires bleach requires some serious mettle!

  3. I have had intense auburn hair once before. I loved it, but it does fade quickly. Have fun!

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