Day 24 → Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs.

30 Days of Truth

In all seriousness, this one is pretty much my idea of hell. HELL.

It’s work. And not even FUN work. Just crappy, hard, stupid work. (Yes, I am feeling a touch grumpy today. How could you tell??)

So instead of music – because: SNORE. I’m going to make someone a playlist of You Tube videos! Woo!

Except, for some reason I can’t embed videos on my blog. I do not know why. I’ve tried EVERYTHING I know, which turns out to be no less than three different things. None of those three things worked.

So instead I wandered off to have lunch. It was good. I love olives.

Now, back to the playlist at-hand. I guess the key is finding the right person to send a playlist to. I’ve scoured my knowledge of all the people I know, all six of them, and I am stuck.

I could make my Nana a playlist of hiphop music videos, because she hates that crap. But to be honest, listening to that stuff would give me a headache. And make me angry at the large-breasted ladies with nothing better to do than shake their asses at gangstas with poor hygiene.

I could make my littlest bro Liam a playlist of classical Shakespearian soliloquies. Mostly because I like making him say: “What the…??!!” He’s funny looking when he’s confused.

I could make a playlist for Caz… full of videos of her dancing in her PJ’s to one of her favorite songs from six years ago… That her sister uploaded to YouTube without telling her... But actually that would only be one video, and she already knows about it.

(And no, I’m not linking to it because she would kill me.)

I could make Louise a playlist of excerpts from the Cooking Channel.. Except every time I go over to her place, I make her watch that with me anyway. So it’s not really something new.

I could make Karlie a playlist of makeup tutorials for how to transform her daytime look into nighttime geisha party-girl! Except Karlie is the best person I know with makeup. She knows all that stuff anyway.

I could make my Mum a playlist of videos about pandas sneezing.. But Mum is a busy lady, and quite frankly, I think she’d be all ‘Why did you send that to me? You’re a very strange child.’

So instead of making a playlist for any of those people, I’m going to make a playlist for me. And by ‘playlist’ I mean one video. Of George Watsky doing his badass thing at the Washington D.C. Hip Hop Theater Festival. I love George Watsky!


One thought on “Day 24 → Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs.

  1. Your playlist ideas are just excellent, especially the one for your nana, because I love the idea of a hip hop granny. Personally, I’d love to receive any of these.

    Thanks for introducing me to George. Really nice!

    I love his poem about his lisp! That one’s pretty darn awesome too!

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