Nakeder. It’s a word now.

Oh my gosh I am so in love with wall decals!! I saw a bunch on Slow Lane Notes, that I’m positively salivating over. Salivating. Now that’s a hot word.

Wall decals totally appeal to the commitment phobic in me! You want interesting walls, but don’t want to be stuck with them.

Also? They appeal to the renter in me. You want interesting walls, but without the bother of being thrown out, and charged the entirety of your bond when the landlord realises you’ve drawn a giant pony in your bedroom.


Running Horse - Etsy - Wilson Graphics


If someone brought me that, I’d call him Princess Moon Shadow Chaser. When I was six, I desperately wanted a stallion to call Princess Moon Shadow Chaser. Or Bob.



Bear - Blik - Craww



This bear one makes me happy. You know the first time I wake up, and see a bear head at face height on my wall, I’d panic, and throw myself out of bed… That’s one way to enforce my 8am wake-up, I guess.


Deer - Blik - Craww


I’m pretty sure I need this, in order to live a happy, fulfilled life. Just sayin’.

This too:


Rain - Blik - Craww


I’d put it above my bed. I would probably have to change my entire bedroom colour scheme to make it fit, but it would be worth it, because who doesn’t like linen shopping!!

The Seven Punishments - Blik - David Bray

And this one… Only, with no naked lady… Like, if there was any way we could take away the naked lady, and replace her with Brad Pitt, as he was in Troy all buff, and tan, and HOT – only nakeder?? THAT would be awesome. That would be the best freaking Christmas present EVER.

If you want to know where any of these come from, just click the pictures, it should take you right there 🙂 Because I’m efficient like that.



2 thoughts on “Nakeder. It’s a word now.

  1. i too have a deep longing for wall decals! except i already have quite a bit of *stuff* on my walls, so i’m not sure where i’d put ’em.

    There is always more room for stuff. I’ll bet some of them look really good on the ceiling!

  2. Love “the blowfish” and “buck you!”. Good site…..and No, we have already bought for you! lol

    Oh my gosh, you guys got me a puppy didn’t you!! You’re the best Dad ever!!

    In other news: I just had the most embarrassing conversation EVER while trying to get you something for xmas. I’ll tell you how it went after I give you your gift, because WOW, I’m never going back there again.

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