Day 25 → The reason you believe you’re still alive today.

30 Days of Truth

Um. Is it just me, or is this question slightly ominous sounding!!?? Is there a reason I wouldn’t still be alive today, internet??

Is there something you know that I don’t? Because as far as I know, I have no major medical issues (aside from the previously acknowledged Crazy. And the depression. And my tragic allergy to mosquito bites.)

My blood pressure is spectacular (when I’m not in the middle of a nervous break-down) My fitness is great (for an 89 year old woman) And according to my doctor, if I stop wasting her time, and asking ridiculous questions about Indonesian Tropical Frog Disease, she will personally verify that I’m a healthy specimen of the human race.

(Where ‘healthy’ means only ever so slightly damaged.)

Add to that my dislike of guns, going fast without protective gear, and baiting bears?? And you have yourself a girl who should quite happily live till her mid 30’s at least.

I mean, yes, on occasion I scuba dive, horse ride, rock climb, or do sparring and stuff at TKD, but guys? I’m such a wimp that I learn EVERYTHING I possibly can about the safety stuff, and then I stick to my limits. There’s nothing like a rousing terror of heights to have you checking, double checking, buddy checking, and re-checking your ropes and harness before climbing!!

I’m the girl who read her padi-diving book cover to cover, and then studied by making my blog readers do quizzes with me about how best to cheat death at 10m down.

I’m the girl who thinks a scary spinny backwards jumpy kind of a kick to death, and would much rather go over it a couple of hundred times in her head than do it on the mat and fall over and hurt herself. (Yes. I can be KIND of a scaredy-cat princess when it comes to TKD. I’m working on it.)

I’m the girl who spent her holiday in Rarotonga memorizing the bus schedule, and figuring out taxi services, and being slightly overzealous about making sure her friends didn’t have too much fun without sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

I’m ALSO the girl who always her her cellphone, panic alarm, two kinds of pain killer, snacks, a hat, a bottle of water, a packet of tissues, a nail file, bandages, condoms, tampons, antiseptic cream and three different kinds of lip balm in her purse. I have a light, a bottle opener, and an assortment of hair ties and clips on my key-ring.

Basically, I am ready for anything short of nuclear war. And I have a large hand bag.

In short? I like to be prepared.

And I guess that saves my life. Or at the very least, my manicure.

In other news, It’s not freaking wonder I can never find anything in my damn handbag.

Ten points if you can find the pack of playing cards. Or the TWO different kinds of quick-eze

3 thoughts on “Day 25 → The reason you believe you’re still alive today.

  1. Sorry about the habit you’ve developed. It’s from me! The back of my truck has several different types of rope (for towing/securing roaming bears), plastic zipties (that we use as temp. handcuffs), every tool/utensil that anyone could possibly want on the side of the road, towels, waterproof gear & fluids for the engine.
    The stuff I have in my work bag leave me with the ability to perform open heart surgery (and tie up roaming bears). I even have a dive mask for when I’m first on scene for the sinking car in the river scenario.
    Sad but true!

    THAT’s what my bag is missing!! Rope, and a diving mask!! Haha… I think being prepared is better than regretting not having something to tie a roaming bear with.

  2. Why is always so fascinating to see the contents of people’s purses? I guess it gives some insight into what we consider our necessities. Found the cards– what is Quick-eze? I like the little lizard!

    Quick eze is for heart burn and indigestion – for some reason I get it if I’m stressy, So I have a couple of packets with me.

    The little lizard is actually a bottle opener – you use one of it’s back legs, and tail to pry beer caps off with 🙂

  3. For someone who has died…twice… this question has special meaning. I’ve come to realize that it may just not be my time, or I could be just lucky.

    I prefer to believe in fate. That cosmically you have a certain purpose in this life. Which means that even if you think a life had no meaning, due to the ripple effect, that life impacts so many other lives that it’s purpose is achieved.

    Twice??!! Wow. I’ll bet that’s a story worth sharing!

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