Intense Red Auburn

Does this look ‘Intense Red Auburn’ to you?? I think it could be more intense. Also? Good god I am WHITE. I need some sun, STAT. Or fake tan. Lots of it.

In other news, I don’t think I fucked up my hair too badly when I cut it the other day. I only took three inches off… Yeah, it was THAT long. I’m pretty much turning into an unkept hippy wild-woman in my old age. No more professional haircuts, and I’m going to grow my leg hair out until I can braid it and put colourful beads into it.



One thought on “Intense Red Auburn

  1. Yeah, me thinks the intense RED part is not all that red… but it is deep and mysterious! I am becoming more of a hippy as I age, too. Perhaps there is some sort of phenomenon about aging that we haven’t noticed yet?

    Oh gosh I hope not!! I’m scared I’m suddenly going to develop an affinity for dream weavers and crystals and home made friendship bracelets.

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