Day 30 → A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

30 Days of Truth

Dear Shannon,

You are awesome. No, seriously. AWESOME. I know you forget that a lot of the time, but you really shouldn’t.

Here’s the deal, I’ve been putting off writing this one. It’s kind of a hard one, because, although, yeah, you are awesome, that whole listing qualities that I love about you deal totally makes you uncomfortable. That’s cool though. We’ll just work through the weirdness.

You’re good at that.

I love your sense of humor. It cracks me up. I love that you can (and do) laugh at yourself. And I love that you sometimes laugh, just for the hell of laughing, because the weird shit that I know is bouncing around in your head unsaid, is amusing you.

I love that you don’t feel any need to share a lot of that weird shit in your head. It’s just for you, and your own amusement – and that’s fine.

You’re an intensely private person. You acknowledge that it’s hard for new people to get to know you sometimes – BUT. When you do let people in? When you decide that they’re someone you trust? You relax into a truly interesting, an engaging person. I like to think that hard frosty shell covers a sweet soft-hearted centre. It’s nice that you don’t share that with every Tom, Dick, and Jane out on the street.

I like that you enjoy sarcasm. Whoever says it’s the lowest form of humor obviously hasn’t seen Jackass.

I love the fact that you remember facts. Stuff like the fact that there are more plastic flamenco’s in America than real ones. The fact that cranberries, and cranberry juice are great for UTI’s. The fact that your eyeballs remain the same size over your entire life – from birth to death. As a matter of fact? I love the fact you can spin these facts off at a moments notice. And that you enjoy the fact that people often look at you strange afterwards. It’s like you see the strange looks as a kind of an accomplishment. And in fact? It is.


I love that when people around you are having a hard time, you bake something for them. I love that you’re a great listener. I love that you have learnt to take a compliment.

I love that you’re the kind of person who will hand $180 cash into the police f you find it on the street, that you’ll track down the owner of the cellphone you found at the library, and that you’ll chase a perfect stranger down the street to hand back the wallet they dropped.

I love that you keep trying new things.

I love that when you see a fault in yourself, you’re not content to just carry on repeating the same behavior. I like that you actively strive for self awareness.

In short? I love a lot about you. There’s a lot there that I don’t love too, but even if I don’t love it, I can accept it as a part of what makes you you.

And at the end of the day, you’re pretty damn awesome, just the way you are. It’s a fact.




7 thoughts on “Day 30 → A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

  1. We should most definitely hang out.

    Especially if you bake me something. And, although I have always been good at talking (my parents couldn’t get me to shut up as a child), I will always want to be better at listening.

    Love this post. 🙂

  2. Shannon, I think that you should leave a comment to yourself on this post to really drive home the point of your awesomeness as a blogger.

  3. I can tell you’re awesome for two reasons: 1) the comments you’ve been kind enough to leave on my blog and 2) the fact that I’m scared to comment on your blog because I will feel the need to go back and read the whole thing!

  4. Aww. So sweet.

    “I like to think that hard frosty shell covers a sweet soft-hearted centre.” You’re like an M&M. Or a turtle. M&Ms and turtles are awesome. FACT.

  5. When you can just ‘be there’ and you make the world an entirely better place to be in – just because you are in it. That’s the best thing. LU

  6. Very nice!
    I’m working on mine myself… I have googled this topic (this is how I found you) and do you realize that a lot of people are afraid to do this topic? Many of them refuse to do it at all or just treat it like a joke!
    I just wanted to say congrats and great job! 😉

    Happy New Year!

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