Most embarrassing conversation ever held with a guy who looks like an actual, real-life rock star.

The scene: Shannon wanders into an achingly cool, grungy music shop, full of guys with tight pants, tattoos, and long hair. Shannon is wearing what could only be described as ‘business-casual office wear. She is completely out of place.


Grungy Rocker: Hello. You look lost.

Shannon: Yes I do. I am looking for accessories.

Grungy Rocker: Ah…

Shannon: My Dad has this awesome ukulele, and I was hoping to get him some picks or something…

Grungy Rocker: Oh accessories. Right. For a second I thought you were wanting handbags and shoes.

Shannon: You sell those?

Grungy Rocker: … No…

Random Customer: *Snort of laughter*

Grungy Rocker shows Shannon a selection of guitar and ukelele picks, and tells her all about how ukulele’s actually sound better if you use rubber picks on them. It seems that he has correctly identified that Shannon has NO IDEA about anything music related.

Shannon: Alrighty… Um, I was kind of looking for something with skulls on it though.

Grungy Rocker: Skulls… On a ukulele pick?

Shannon: Or flames.

Grungy Rocker: They really only come in white.

Shannon: Do you have anything else a little more… Badass?

Grungy Rocker: We have some guitar straps, but they don’t really work with ukulele’s…

Shannon: Oh… Well I guess I’ll just take a couple of white picks. I’ll bet I can draw some skulls on them.

Grungy Rocker, his co-workers, and two customers, who have gathered at the counter to watch: *confusion*


9 thoughts on “Most embarrassing conversation ever held with a guy who looks like an actual, real-life rock star.

  1. This reminds me… While Christmas shopping this year, I went to the local Barnes and Noble to buy a book for my son’s friend. I asked the two young girls working behind the help kiosk to point me in the right direction of the store to find said book. They asked me for the title, and with a snarl and my most badass attitude I said, “MACHINES OF DEATH!!”. It was classic. They both laughed, helped me find the book, and I felt way more cool that I actually am. 😀

  2. i love that your dad commented! 🙂

    this is how i feel when i go into a video game type store. i try to just not ever need to go into one.

  3. “Badass” and “ukelele” just don’t really seem to go together…

    My grandparents bought me a ukelele and an instructional video for Christmas one year. I watched it once and all I can remember is that the people on the movie kept singing “My–dog–has–fleas!”

    It was very odd.

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