3 Beautiful Things

1. Eating an entire pack of grape hubba bubba gum, and blowing bubbles. Just like when I was 10.

2. Finding a swimming suit specifically designed to slim and contour – guys? My entire LIFE is specifically designed to slim and contour. This swimming suit is nothing less than a revolution.

3. Falling asleep in Palmerston North to horizontal rain, gale-force winds, and the official fall-out from a tropical storm, only to wake up in Napier. To Sun. With a capital ‘OH MY GOD, IT”S ACTUALLY WARM.’

Bonus Round:

4. The SUN. In Napier. With all the SUN.


8 thoughts on “3 Beautiful Things

  1. Mmmm. This summer post feels all warm and nice.

    Do you end up with the whole pack of Hubba Bubba in your mouth at once? That makes my jaw hurt just remembering what that’s like.

  2. Hey all, Yup, New Zealand summers are great fun πŸ™‚ Unfortunately it’s ridiculously easy to get sunburnt here, as I discovered the other day – I never leave the house without SPF 50 sunscreen, but I missed two patches on my back, and now I have a weird geometric triangle tan-line going on… It’s less than stellar!

  3. psh! Summer is over-rated! I’d burn like a lobster and need to spend my time indoors anyway. Hubba Bubba gum does sound good. You don’t actually EAT it do you? That can kill you!

  4. Haha, nope, I definitely don’t eat the gum, because: YUCK. I just blow bubbles. I’m pretty much a world-class bubble-blower.

    And Napier is here. It’s the art-deco capital of New Zealand, and it’s surrounded by wineries, beaches, rivers, forests, gourmet cheese places, and orchards.

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