This is Toby the bunny. Toby lives with Adrienne, Tony, and Karlie. He’s cute. I spent the afternoon chasing him around the backyard in an attempt to pat him. Then I spent this morning chasing him around the backyard with a cat-grooming brush in an attempt to groom him.

Toby doesn’t particularly like being chased. Unless there’s food involved.

And this? This is Roxy. She’s a Beagle puppy. She’s 12 weeks old, and cute. Obviously.

She also chews EVERYTHING. In one day she chewed plastic, sellotape, newspaper, a jandal, electrical cords, unripe peaches, frozen peas, a hose connections, bark, snails, cockroaches, pumice, stones, a crematic statue of some pigs, rope, and a gumball. To be honest? The gumball impressed me most.

(FYI, we didn’t GIVE her the gumball, that would have been irresponsible. Instead, one rolled off the table the night before, and she sniffed it out behind the couch.)

I’m pretty sure the reason puppies are so damn cute, is because no one would bother with them if they weren’t. If puppies looked like aardvarks, or naked mole rats, the first time they chewed up your $150 pair of leather sandals, you’d drop kick them into next week.


8 thoughts on “Drop-kick.

  1. Yes, even my now adult 7 year old chihuahua is the object of drop-kicking thoughts from time to time. I would never of course carry out my dreadful gut instincts, but when she pees on my bathroom rug over and over again, I can’t help but imagine it. 🙂 She is lucky she is so cute and affectionate at other times, that’s for sure!

  2. I had a sweet little puppy once upon a time that chewed his way through my wooden magazine rack and all of the wooden door-stops in my house. I didn’t drop kick him, but I wasn’t very happy about the door-stops. Other than those unfortunate losses, he was a great dog during his entire 11 year life! God bless his sweet soul.

  3. Roxy misses you Shan, and is chewing accordingly. As well as this mornings Scorched Almonds (yes, multiple!!) I twice found her eating charcoal found god knows where. I fenced off her favourite digging garden, but have found her in there digging 3-4 times. As I write, shes sussing out how to get back in there. Scratch that, shes in. Turns out the new chew toy I made her out of an old Coke bottle with her food in it isn’t all that fun – too much effort. But, shes super cute… I can’t stay mad!

  4. Humanitarikim: Apparently if you sprinkle pepper over your rug it will stop wee chihuahua accidents. I guess it’s just a matter of whether you mind having to season your bathroom floor!

    LIckety Splitter: I used to know a dog who chewed the dining-room table legs. She must have been part beaver or something.

    Geekhiker: You do! Something like a husky! You could make it little saddle-bags, and make it carry things for you! Like beer!
    I hear beer is very important for hiking.

    Girl from the Ghetto: I’ve never touched a bunny before, but Toby was so unexpectedly soft! He was gorgeous!

    Adey:You’ll have to send me lists of things she’s chewed, just so that I can be there vicariously!! I wonder if she dug the charcoal out of the BBQ? It might have smelt like melty fat or something…

    NIkki04: It’s better than caffeine! I swear by puppies in the morning.

    Miss Mccracken: Apparently they used to play together, because they’re pretty much the same size at the moment. Unfortunately Roxy is too rambunctious, and she ends up chasing the bunny, then eating all Toby’s food.

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