Home is where the heart is. And all my stuff.

Ah… Bedroom. I missed you.

I just arrived home, and spent an hour unpacking. Now I’ve closed my blinds, eaten a mini christmas mince tart, and am reclining on my bed in all kinds of naked post-nap glory.

Yeah. It’s fricking humid as hell.

I got in, unpacked my 15 suitcases (actually, I only had 5 bags, but when you only have two hands? 5 bags seems like a lot) and then I threw my clothes one way, and my jewelry the other. I’m also considering a cold bath.

Mmmm bath.

Anyway. Now that I’m at home, and a little less sleepy, I thought I’d share some of the REAL photos from New Years Eve – like, the ones with people in them!

This is Nick. He has very strong opinions on things and stuff.

The pointy guy here is Nick. He lives in Australia, and he flew all the way over to Napier to come see me. And with him are Kris, and the back of Louise’s head. They drove HOURS on boxing day, just to come hang out with me in Napier.


OK… FINE, actually, they came to spend the holidays with Nick and Louise’s families. The fact that I also happened to be in the area didn’t even really factor into it. It was just a nice coincidence.

This is Nick, totally about to make out with the back of Roxy's cute little puppy head.

This photo is from the part of the evening where we all passed the puppy around and baby talked at her, and played with her, and stroked her tiny little puppy toes, and her big soft puppy ears.

This part of the evening started at roughly 5pm, and ended some time around 1am, when Adrienne and Tony decided to put her to bed.

Feeding the masses

Then we got serious. The men-folk took over the BBQ, and I made Louise and Karlie pose for a bunch of photos. Karlie was wearing some awesome false eyelashes, which totally made me run out and buy my own – Now I’m just looking for an occasion to wear them. Probably they’d be a little much for the gym, right?

Louise and Karlie - aren't they gorgeous?!

We also drank various wine-soda-raspberry-type concoctions. We’d been out that morning to pick raspberries, and were totally excited to use them in our drinks.

Last year the vodka-soaked raspberries+wine combination went down a little too well, resulting in Adrienne and I ‘sneaking’ into the field across the road, making Louise climb a wire fence in a skirt, sharing two jandals amongst the three of us, and ‘becoming one with nature.’

This year we decided to re-jigg the proportions, so there was less vodka to drunk people, and more raspberries to soda water.

So, despite the photos that follow, you’re just going to have to take my word for the fact that we weren’t quite as written off as we all look:

Adrienne, Karlie, and Me.

Louise grabbed my camera, and demanded that we all smile for her. So I did. Isn’t my smile great? I deserve a gold star.

I blame Louise for this, everyone knows the photographer is the most important part of the picture.

Unfortunately Louise didn’t think much of our attempts to smile. So she made us do it again.

I’m pretty sure she was telling us to look surprised… I really don’t think we achieved the look at all. Louise didn’t either. She made us stand up, and try again, while she perched in a rickety plastic chair:

At this point we had moved from 'smile' to 'oh for the love of god, just look at the camera please!'

I’m pretty sure Karlie’s in the middle of cheerleading, and I’m… ah?

Yeah, I’ve got nothing. Clearly I’m up to no good though!

Next Kris decided he’d help Louise out, by distracting us:

Well... At least we're all smiling...

Whatever it was, I’m sure it was sufficiently gross, because we all look pretty distracted.

L-R: Louise, Karlie, Me, Adey

Next we made Kris take a couple of shots of us. Louise, having learnt a lot from her first attempt at controlling us all, decided to just grab a handful of my hair, and a handful of Karlie’s and point us both in the direction of the camera.

It worked… Sort of!

I love how much fun we all have when we get together! This is why Napier is my traditional New Years Eve place to be!

We tried a bunch of other posses and stuff too, but I actually kind of prefer the one’s where we’re all goofing around and looking weird. I mean sure, anyone can take a nice portrait with a bunch of friends, it takes real stamina to giggle for 20 minutes-straight, while clowning around despite the camera!

After the photography session was over, Nick cracked open his bottle of Absinthe, and concocted… Something… Something reminiscent of cough-syrup. I stuck with my raspberries, and lemonade, because: YUCK.

Tony didn’t though.

Tony: Not dying.

Ten minutes later we all sat around staring at the rash on his face, which popped up unexpectedly. Tony was pretty sure he was about to die, but we were pretty sure it was just sun-burn, and a mild reaction to the absinthe, so we were more optimistic.

Thankfully we were right, and Tony was labeled a hypochondriac. (AFTER we made him take an antihistamine.)

Then, despite saying we wouldn’t, we all ended up in the field across the road, gathered around Kris, and Nick’s iphones, counting down to the New Year. Even a very pregnant Leslea, and her fiance Daymon showed up, right at the last second, to come stand in the grass with us.

We HAD been hoping to see the city fireworks, but unfortunately we were just too far away. Instead we got to see majestic puffs of smoke drift up from behind the houses.

So yeah, that was my New Years celebration πŸ™‚ Nothing too crazy! What did you guys get up to?

Now, in celebration of my return to Wellington, I’m going to hit the gym! I’m totally excited about Pump, and Sh’Bam! Yay! Heavy things and dancing!! I can hardly wait!

(No, seriously, I haven’t been to the gym for two weeks, and if I don’t go back today, my head is probably going to pop off from all the bottled-up excess energy and anxiety.)

(Also? If I don’t get a proper full night of sleep tonight, I’m not going to be responsible for my own actions. This last two weeks have been SUCKY sleep-wise!)


(Also: YOGA PANTS: Oh how I’ve missed you!)


4 thoughts on “Home is where the heart is. And all my stuff.

  1. Bath, bed, yoga pants…. ahhh to be home!

    Looks like you had a great celebration. MIne was quiet, but lovely. A bottle of red wine and two movies with my boyfriend. πŸ™‚

  2. Humanitarikim: Sounds perfect! If our new year celebration hit in winter that’s exactly what I’d be doing I think!

    Adey: Thanks for letting me stay in the Shannon Room. I had a lovely time. Does Roxy miss me?

    Miss Mccracken: Yoga pants are key to a happy, fulfilling life I think. I could form my own religion about yoga pants, and wear them every day, and I’d be a happy person.

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