5 Things I did while I wasn’t blogging last week

1. I got a pedicure!
It was great fun, and very relaxing. I’ve never had a pedicure before, and I’m not all that big on strangers touching me, and I have ticklish feet, so I was totally expecting it to be a bit of a trial of awkwardness. Luckily it wasn’t!

 You sit in these awesome big chair things, that totally grope you. At first I was all ‘ah! my chair is fondling my back!’ But then it started kneading at the tight muscles along my spine, and I was too busy melting into a puddle of jelly to inform the authorities. The lady who did my feet also gave me an amazing foot and calf massage, so by the time we were all done I was so relaxed, it was a surprise I could hold myself upright.

My only complaint was that the bit where they buff off dead skin was a bit lacklustre and quick – I’m not sure if that’s a normal thing, but it was kind of the whole reason Adey and I wanted to get a pedicure. Oh well, the rest was awesome. And now I have shiny indigo blue nails. 🙂 We’re going back in a couple of months when I’m in town for a wedding!

I went to Ten Salon Nail and Spa in Napier.  

2. Played dodge the sprinkler at the Botanic Gardens
Karlie, Adey and I went for a walk the same day the gardeners came back from their New Years holiday. So we had to play dodge the sprinkler! It was great fun – like a video game, but with less flame-balls and death.

We also took a walk through the creepy cemetery on the hill up there. I was incredibly disappointed that I didn’t take my camera along!

3. I went bushwalking at White Pine.
It was the prefect day for it, sunny, but not oppressively hot. Karlie and I pulled apart a bunch of rotting logs along the path, in the hopes of finding a grub to poke at with sticks, but unfortunately we had no luck. We did find a spider lurking in a hidey hole, and some crazy bright-coloured caterpillars.

On the way back we all stopped off for a real fruit ice-cream at one of the orchard markets. I had cherry, and it was awesome.

4. I looked for (and FOUND) the perfect floppy sun hat.
It took hours of intense searching.

5. Destroyed my cross-trainers…
Opps.  Also?: Fuck.

Yeah. I had these awesome gym shoes that were crazy expensive when I brought them. They were getting on in age, and getting whiffy, so I pulled out the lining insole things, and washed them.

It went surprisingly well, so I got cocky, and put them in the dryer. Yeah. They end result was two child-size rubber and fabric disks, that rolled up like the Wicked Witch of the East’s poor feet.

5 Things I didn’t Do:

1. Horse Trekking
This time around I really wanted to go horse trekking in the Hawkes Bay somewhere. Unfortunately I have rules about where I ride: I have to be able to see recent photos of the horses or something online before I fork over my money. I also like to read reviews from independent customers. I like to know that I’m supporting businesses that take care of their animals.

For some reason the only place near enough to where I was staying in Napier with an up-to-date website was quite expensive. I decided to give it a miss.

2. Forget my toothbrush
I have a terrible habit of leaving my toothbrush somewhere, leading to separation anxiety, and a mad-scramble to replace it.

3. Get a Haircut
OR a real job.

4. Miss my bus.
I have a bit of a history… I don’t have the best luck when it comes to busses and trains. Mostly because they run on a different schedule to Shannon Standard Time. (Which is about 10-15 minutes behind everyone else’s standard time.)

5. Sleep
I’m an uneasy sleeper at the best of times. I have an unfortunate habit of shooting awake, SURE that someone is in the process of sneaking into my room, or standing over my bed. Staring.


When I’m in new places, and I hear new noises, the abrupt awakenings can be jarring.

On my last night away at Dad’s place I left the windows open, and one of them sounded JUST like if there was an axe murderer looming above my bed, and standing on a squeaky floorboard. It took a surprisingly long time for me to figure out why I kept jerking awake in a blind panic.


8 thoughts on “5 Things I did while I wasn’t blogging last week

  1. Pedicures are one of my favorite past times! Can you believe there are people out there who have never had one? WTF?

    I need new running shoes, too. I bought some really nice expensive ones made specifically for the type of foot I have (high arches) last April, and I’m happy to report that I put a lot of miles on them! I have quit running since the weather turned cold, but it should warm up soon… which means I need a fresh, new pair. Yay for shopping!

  2. You get that ‘snap to – I’m awake – whose there!’ from your Mother.
    Use to try and sneak in after a night shift. Quiet as a mouse; sneak into the bedroom; one foot inside the door, and all hell would break out! Squealing, screaming, tears. And your mother was worse!
    Then I worked out that banging around, walking normal, dropping shoes into the wallrobe, and your Mother would sleep like a baby!
    I blame your Mother. lol

  3. I had such a great time during your visit. We did a lot of cool stuff! Once I know when everyone is back I will book us in for that next pedicure… can’t wait! Oh, did I recommend the Hemp Foot Protector from The Body Shop? It’s awesome and is keeping the rough skin they missed at bay.

    Hmmm, probably lucky I didn’t tell you Tony used to loom over his parents while they were asleep when he was a kid. And he sleep walks, talks, and drives (would you like me to install a lock for next time?). He also has a really bad habit of waking up and calling out to ‘someone’, waking me up (insert the squealing screaming and tears mentioned by your Dad!) which in turn wakes him up in flight mode ready to f*&^ up ‘whoever is in our room’, which freaks me more thinking there really is someone there…. and the circle continues. Just like Woken from Sleep Tony jumped up and was ready to go out and pummel those youths that ran past with talk of knocking over letterboxes when you were staying. A good guard dog he is!

  4. I don’t like getting pedicures, because I really don’t like people messing with my feet, but I usually have them during the summer months more for my immediate humanity sphere’s pleasure than my own. I can’t stand when a potentional “suitor” for lack of a better word, talks about massaging my feet like it’s some big treat. Since they think it should be a treat, I’m now wondering if my sensual sensories forgot to set up camp in my feet.

  5. The hike, er, I mean, bushwalk looks awesome. If I ever make it down that way, you will point out the best trails that only the locals know, right?

  6. You know what, you had just given me an idea on what to do next week. These are nice ways to reward yourself.

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