You know what? I’m stuck for things to write about today.

I could talk about how I watched Meet Joe Black today… It was good. I also watched Disney’s Ice Princess on the weekend. That was good too. Obviously in a different way than Meet Joe Black was. I mean, one has a young Brad Pitt, the other is about pretty dresses, ice skating, and tiaras.

I miss the Disney channel.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about it. That’s not much of a blog post.

I could talk about the crazy headache I have at the moment. Crazy. Painful. And owie. I think it’s my creativity channel. I think it might be blocked. Potentially by an image of Brad Pitt’s naked youthful chest. Ensconced a sharp suit.

Is anyone else freaked out by the flooding in Brisbane at the moment? Yes? Me too.

Or. I could write about something embarrassing – like the fact that I just looked at my sheets, and realised that there’s melted chocolate on them…. When the hell did that happen?

Ew. Although, I can be forgiven for not noticing sooner, because I have black sheets, and I think (hope) that the chocolate came from the chunk of Toblerone that I ate last night while I was reading. Still. Roll me over with the fat-stick…

But you guys probably don’t need to hear more about that.

I’ll ah… I’ll just go change my sheets. Blogging might have to wait till tomorrow.

Oh, no, Wait, Wait! I DO have something to blog about! Stop looking at Brad Pitt. This is important!

Louise and I were talking before Christmas, and I decided that I need to host a Dinner Party. Then Becks and Jasmyne and I were chatting and we decided to do it next weekend – because it’s pretty much the only time all three of us will be in the same place.

We decided on a Mexican Festa theme, and sent out invites, and thought up fun things and outfits and stuff… Then? It turns out practically all the people I invited are busy that weekend! Ah! I mean, I like all of Becks and Jasmyne’s friends, but I like mine too! I’m going to look like a real dope!

I asked Louise if perhaps she and Kris could ask the bride of the wedding she’s going to to postpone… But to be honest? She’s not thinking that it’s real probable. I also thought briefly about asking Jess if there was any chance Auckland would move it’s Big Day Out up a day… But again, it’s seeming a little improbable. And Karlie and Adey can’t take a trip down here, because Karlie has work. Sad. Cassandra hasn’t gotten back to me… And usually that means bad things…

Oh well. I’ll have a good time anyway, but still! I should have double checked that Louise was available – I mean she’s the one who convinced me to do it in the first place!!

Have you ever been responsible for an entirely unsuccessful social event? (Not that this one’s going to be unsuccessful! I’m just all worried about it now!)


6 thoughts on “Blank.

  1. When Karlie moved in, we had a bit of a flat warming for her. Only about 3 people came. We decided not to have a combined ’50th’ for our birthdays a couple of months later, just in case the same thing happened again. It’s sad when noone can come to your Birthday 😦

    I wish we could come!! There in Spirit, perhaps? I know, we could make our own Tacos and margaritias for dinner, and skype you, and it will be like we are there.
    We will have to do another dinner party when we CAN come!

  2. Disney things are awesome 😀 I wish we had the Disney Channel 😦 Especially with all the old cartoons, remember Ducktales?

  3. Posts about nothing are my favorites! They remind me that I’m not the only writers-blocked blogger out there & that other people’s minds are just as scattered as mine. So, it’s a little piece of home, wrapped up in someone else’s writing. Love it!

  4. I love nonsense and whimsy!
    I once had a party, and all my friends said they would attend and none of them did! They all knocked on my door at 2:00am drunk and wanting to eat food. I was so angry!

  5. I’m a genetically semi anti party planner. In other improper words, I got no hometraining for that kinda stuff, so I rarely plan a party, let alone plan one that no one CAN come to, even if they would really like to show up. On the oh so rare occasion when I do plan a party, it usually turns out well.

    Brad Pitt … ahhh … he’s almost as cute as the bunny, but I never really did see what all the fuss was about where he is concerned.

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