Thursdays are awesome.

So today I ran errands and was ‘out and about’, instead of spending it in my bed, which is my natural preference when I have a free week day.

I ran through my budget again, because I’m majorly paranoid, for apparently no reason… THe next five months are going to be a little tight money-wise, but not too tight. I keep thinking stuff like ‘OH MY GOD, Did I remember to add in my gym payments??!!’ And then I spend the next couple of hours obsessively pouring over my budget programme.

I’m all stressy about it, because I’ve never been good with money, or numbers, or math, and so I’m all ‘Ah!’ over the thought of getting any of it wrong. Thankfully I have this awesome programme, with a customizable budget sheet thing. Thank god for computers, huh?!

I also put le perfect dress on layby, and freaked out the chemist by getting my anti-depressents, and making her order in the BIG JUMBO Mega Bonus Large bottle of vitamin B supplements. She was all “You know that’s a six-month supply, right?” And I was all “Yup. I’ll go through it in three.” And then she stared at me and said “Wow. You must be really stressed.”

I did my best not to look too twitchy, and freak her out any more.

Then I hit the gym, and did Pump (Wo! Heavy things!) and about two tracks of the Body Balance class… I totally intended to do the whole class, but the track following the sun salutations was all legs and thighs and lunge-y, and my thighs were all Ahem. Young lady? What do you think you are doing? You fed me Christmas pies for two weeks straight, slam back into the gym, and expect to be able to stay upright for Taekwon Do tonight? I think not.”

So in the interests of not ending up in fetal position later on tonight, I decided to cut out early, and instead hit the supermarket.

Tonight I’m going to hopefully go along to a new TKD club… They’re an off-shoot from my regular club. There’s lots of kids, all starting out, and I figure it’s good for me. I mean, for starters, they’re back to it two weeks before my club, so it gives me a chance to ease back in slowly, and: I have absolutely no skills at being around kids. Considering I one-day hope to do english teaching overseas, it’s really good for me to practice how to be a responsible senior/ adult-type.

It’s funny how kids see me as an adult, and I see myself as a 13 year-old who’s just set the kitchen on fire again.


3 thoughts on “Thursdays are awesome.

  1. I know exactly what you mean re: the vitamins… I can’t live without my mega super jumbo big bottle of iron supplements, and Vitamin C.

  2. The responsible senior adult routine is fine, but please always make room for the thirteen year old in you. (plenty).

  3. Good luck, good luck and good luck! Life is tough. We all need a little help to slug our way through it. Hope you get a handle on all that money. Hope the B vitamins work their magic. Hope you enjoy the practice at being an adult. But never and I mean never, lose the child within you! That would be bad, very bad.

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