Public Service Announcement. About Whale Penises.

Is it just me, or does ‘penises’ look like bad grammar… Penai? Peni?

Spellcheck is confused by the whole thing.


The word dork has never been used in a scientific way to describe a whale’s male anatomy.

It’s common accepted usage is as a noun, describing a dull, slow-witted, or socially inept person. It can also be used as vulgar slang in North America to refer to a human male’s private area.

There’s a great article on Urban Legends that debunks the whole dork myth.

Another thing I learnt, while trying to prove that I’m not being all vulgar on my blog, is that the male blue whale’s *ahem* doodleberry can be up to eight feet long.

In other news? I really love google. It’s really expanded my horizons as a person.

It’s probably time for me to get off my computer, and go outside…


7 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement. About Whale Penises.

  1. Uhh … where have I been living? Under a rock in North America? Some people in the U.S. probably think so, since I am a long life southerner. Just saying, that I’ve never heard the word “dork” used for the male’s anatomy around here. Dork has always meant goofy or nerdy where I live. Hey, maybe its those Canadians who use the word dork as slang for the word penis. I will have to ask a Canadian about that, if I ever have the privilege of making one’s aquaintance in person.

  2. I saw a documentary on dolphins awhile back. Their mating and male dominance-ing was horrifying. No way do I want to see aquatic life doodleberries ever again.

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