A photographic tour. (With no photos)

I had an activity-fill weekend – hence the no posting here on Leaf Probably. I was too busy dragging myself up and down hills to be all ‘bloggity blog’.

Anyways, on Friday night I went up the the gardens with a bunch of classy ladies to share much bubbly wine, a picnic, and watch Poppy Dust play. One of my favorite things about Wellington is that in summer, the city BRINGS IT. And mostly? It brings it for free.

And guys? I love free.

Anyways, my favorite song was this one:

(I’m just going to go ahead and cross my fingers that that worked.) (O.M.G. It worked! I embedded a video!)

I love how the gardens were all lit up neon colours, it made the trees look amazing – like something out of Avatar. I also love that there were bubble machines. We sat and listened to music, and I watched the stoned people marvel over the colours of the lights, and the bubbles floating high above their outstretched hands.

I didn’t remember to bring my camera or tripod, but there are some photos on flickr from people that did remember their cameras. You’re welcome to pretend that I took them. I’m sure going to.

Another badass, and awesome thing that I did this weekend was walk the Southern Walkway with Louise. Unfortunately I (again) forgot to take a camera. Never let it be said that I let something as small as that stand in the way of a show-and-tell.

Unfortunately this DOES mean that we’re going to have to use out imaginations.

Without further adieu, please see my photo essay of the Southern Walkway (with no actual photos):

First we start with no photo of Louise and I on the bus out to Island Bay. We’re both dressed appropriately sporty, with walking shoes, and backpacks. We look like tourists in our own city, and that’s kind of cool and fun. It’s interesting how differently bus drivers treat you if you’re a tourist (ie. BETTER) last week I got kicked off a bus for only having a $20 and no change, this week – as tourist Shannon – the driver happily gave me change, and smiled. Indulgently.

What. The. Hell. (You may imagine a photo of my WTH Face.)

Next there’s no photo of me discovering that there is a pony club somewhere along the way. I look insanely excited and Louise looks vaguely annoyed. She’s saying that it’s not a feature on the walk, so probably it’s not going to be as great as I think it is. Also? She’s not-so-gently breaking the news that this is in fact a hike. Meaning that there are hills. Plural. Many. More than one.

This is Louise and Me walking up the hill to Melrose, at the crack of mid-day. There is a pony club somewhere in the distance.

Now, imagine, if you will, a photo of me and Louise standing in front of a really pretty background of super tall pine-trees, and a view of Newtown. We’re both smiling, and we’re up REALLY high. Because apparently the Southern Walkway is all about being high. I’m looking particularly smug because I spotted the baboon enclosure at the zoo earlier.

Feel free to also imagine a long-distance shot of some fuzzy brown vaguely-baboon-shaped things in a big brown enclosure.

Louise and I riding the Bronze cannon at the top of the Mount Vic look out. The tourists were all doing it and getting photos, and I REALLY wanted a photo of me on a giant cannon. How badass would that have been?!

Next you get to imagine many photos of me and Louise at the Mt Vic lookout, mingling with tourists. (If by mingling, I mean ignoring. And I do.) Wellington looks GREAT. The sky is blue, and we are both sweaty. And hot looking. Hot like two sweaty people in a sauna.

Next we head UP the scenic route to Oriental Bay. Which actually first leads us on a merry tour around the top of the Mt Vic Lookout carpark. You should imagine us both looking a little stumped. And annoyed.

Here you should imagine a photo of a really pretty pink flower that Louise found while we walked the scenic-route down to Oriental parade. Also about a million stairs – some of which go UP. I’m making my What the Hell face again, because everyone knows when you go DOWN a hill, there’s no more walking UP. It’s the rule. Of Science. Or gravity. Or something.

This is me looking slightly manic, and eating melty gingerbread flavoured gelato. It was messy. And I got some on my leg. And my face. And the footpath. Also my shorts, and hands.

So in conclusion, it was a good walk. And we ate gelato.

So yeah. Much activity this weekend. Active activity.

Oh, and last night I watched Despicable Me and it was awesome. I laughed. A lot. That is all.

This week I have work (gag) University (stressy gag) and a whole bunch of personal errands and goals that I HAVE to have to have to complete. One of which is updating my CV, which, in case you’ve never had to do that? SUCKS.

I get this giant block every time I sit down to try articulate what my jobs involved. It’s funny (except, you know, NOT) because I get this exact same fucking block every time I sit down to write an essay. And yet, blogging? Most emails? Fine. It’s just this stuff that I place all this importance on that leaves me all paralyzed, and unable to think of anything to write.

I think the key thing here is that I’m just not dealing with stress or expectation very well at the moment.

Oh well.

So. Next weekend I am hosting my awesome Mexican Fiesta dinner party. It shall be AWESOME. I’m making Mole Sauce… and am trying to figure out what I’ll serve it on. I’m thinking maybe grilled chicken. It’s good on Burritos, but they’re hard work, and we’ve already got someone bringing something in the ‘flatbread’ category.

So… I guess my question today is: If you were coming to my Mexican Fiesta, what would you bring with you, and how would you dress?


4 thoughts on “A photographic tour. (With no photos)

  1. OH MY GOD, I FINALLY GOT THE VIDEO THINGIE TO WORK!!! Quick, someone tell me what I did, so I can write it down for next time!

    This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me… Or at least the best thing that’s happened since I ate gelato on Saturday. Or watched Despicable Me…. Although, actually? It probably ties with my lunch today, which was pretty-damn awesome.

  2. Loving the no photo essay (which, actually, is probably more accurately an illustrated essay)

    If I was coming to your Mexican Fiesta, I’d bring platanos machoes (which are fried bananas, and taste AWESOME) and I’d wear a poncho. Or I’d dress like Nacho Libre! (I love that movie)

  3. About 7 years ago, I had to update my CV. I actually sorta enjoyed it. It’s all in the wording, innit? I look VERY good on paper.

    For your party I would make my Fresco Salsa and bring Art Major’s guacamole. I’d pair it with blue corn chips. I’d bring some Smirnoff Ice, even though it’s not Mexican, ’cause I love it.

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