3 Beautiful Things

1. Sleeping starfish-like on my bed in deference to the heat and humidity. Waking up sideways, half covered by a sheet, clutching pillows that my sleeping-self seemed to think I NEEDED to have.

This is ‘beautiful’ because I don’t have to share my bed with anyone, so if I chose to sleep sideways/ diagonally/ half hanging over the side, there’s no one to bitch at me.

(And yes ‘beautiful’ is in brackets because there’s nothing visually/ traditionally beautiful about me snoring, drooling, sweating and sprawling.)

2. Crunching ice between my molars, and feeling the shards melt on my tongue.

3. Struggling through a hot, muggy, oppressively humid day. Sprawling in the lounge floor in sweaty gym gear. Being certain that I’ve never been more disgustingly odorous in my entire life. Then feeling the rain finally arrive and immediately cool the city around me.

Summer rain is the best kind of rain.

What made your day beautiful today?


8 thoughts on “3 Beautiful Things

  1. Most beautiful things:
    ~Swimming in the pool
    ~Giving Roxy a bath with the hose outside
    ~An ice cold drink in 32 degree heat

  2. I love sleeping starfish style. Today I took a beautiful walk down to the beach and let my puppy play in the sand for the first time. Beautiful.

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