Phew! I have been busy this week!

I have a few crazy awesome social things coming up that are requiring a bit of co-ordination.

Like, we’re going to the races next weekend, and I’m having an awful time trying to put together an outfit! I think I’m just going to wear a dress, and maybe just a fedora? I don’t know, It seems like fedoras aren’t very ‘race-y’ but I hate getting sunburnt, and none of the big flouncy hats, or feathery/ fascinator-y head pieces are doing it for me at the moment. Except the $50 ones, and NO. Just, No. I am not spending that much on a glorified headband.

In other news, My Mexican Dinner Fiesta is coming along very nicely! I spent today searching out some little bits and pieces to make our living areas a bit more Carnaval! I’ve just spent an hour attaching crepe paper to the chandeliers, and ceiling, and windows, and… Well.. everything. There is crepe paper everywhere.

I really hope it’s not going to do anything stupid like catch on fire. I tried to be really careful not to put it on light-bulbs and stuff, but, well, I just don’t have the best luck when it comes to flammable things.

I looked for a pinata in no less than four different shops, found them in two, and decided against them because this is the year of frugality. I am not spending $30 on a box which we will proceed to smash into tiny pieces.

Besides, I hear Helen and Carly are coming dressed as a Pinata and a Stick… So… Yeah.

Originally we were going to tell half the party to come dressed as lucha libre, and the other half to come dressed for a formal sit-down dinner party… We thought it would be hilarious to have half of them showing up expecting a classy social evening, and the other half expecting drunken wrestling madness.

Then we decided to just get everyone to dress up mexican styles, because who were we kidding, everyone wants to dress up!

Jasmyne was having a brainstorming session the other day, trying to decide between being a cactus, a tumbleweed, or an armadillo. I, personally, would like to see her re-enact the Mexican coat of arms, which is pretty-much the definition of badass:

Guys? That’s an eagle, eating a snake, sitting on a cactus. You pretty much don’t get more badass than that. Unless they wanted to arm the eagle, with a shotgun or something.

My inspiration. I'm hoping for slightly less grease and facial hair.

I spent a wee while in the Costume Cave today trying to decide what to wear, and ended up putting together a pretty badass bandito/ gunslinger. I’ve got this grungy leather coat, cowboy boots, a sombrero, a kerchief to put over my mouth and nose, a gun belt, and an ammo belt thing to sling over my shoulder. Hopefully that will be enough to keep up with the cactuses, and pinatas (Wow, these people are REALLY committed to costume-wearing.)

Also? The crepe-paper/ fire hazard:

Now, blog readers? I have a VERY IMPORTANT question today. This isn’t one of those ‘what’s your favorite colour’ type questions. Today I need to know if you think that I’m going to burn down the house in an unfortunate crepe-paper incident.

Also? Are you going to do awesome things this weekend?


15 thoughts on “Fiesta!

  1. Nah, working.
    Maybe, burning.
    Certainly, great time to be had by all.
    Love the idea.
    Enjoy the weekend.

    Yeah, but your work involves car chases, and bullet-proof vests. That’s pretty awesome all on it’s own.

    Also, are you saying that it might catch on fire? As in, ‘yes it’s a fire hazard?’ Probably, now would be a good time for clarity Dad!!

  2. Looks pretty, but slightly concerning that the crepe paper is tied around the part that HOLDS the lightbulb. You should be safe with the whole not catching fire thing, but to be safe, maybe leave the lights off.

    I’m going to a farewell tomorrow afternoon, so not so much on the fun side. I SHOULD be making a trip to a Mexican Fiesta in Wellington though… now that would be fun! Especially if there is fire…

    Aw Adey! You would have had so much fun! You could have been a bandito with me!

  3. I just want to say that I love your life. You are fun, imaginative, have festive parties and other social functions, you tempt fate and do silly things like wraping crepe paper around light bulbs that are powered on (looks great, btw), and your writings always include much humor.

    I, on the other hand, am always so serious and pensive. I need advice…How do you do it?

    I can also be a little overserious in person… I think that’s why I make sure I’m always indulging my fun side. I guess I’m very in touch with my inner child??

  4. The place looks VERY festive! Ole! Do be careful with grease and candles around the decorations!

    I’m off shopping today but for the weekend? I’ll be working around the house and trying to stay warm. Likely will do a lot of cooking as well. So… no.

    Trust me, I’m always careful around open flame!!
    Cooking is fun, it’s my fourth favorite weekend activity (behind socialising, outings, and taekwondo!)

  5. Not too concerned about fire hazzard although the base of the light does get hot.
    If you don’t need the centre light, or can ‘dim’ it down, that would probably help.
    You will smell it before it goes ‘poof’ anyway.
    Happy Fiesta!

    Alright, we’ll go for a mood lighting kind of a feel. 🙂

  6. Party on Senorita! I have a good feeling that you WILL NOT burn the house down, so everything should be fine for a really good time!

    As for me, I want to immerse myself in a deep bath of HOT HOT HOT water with an interesting book to read for about an hour. After that, who knows? Tomorrow I am going to plant myself in some sunshine.

    Mmmm baths are awesome! I have at least one a week! I’m also getting a good feeling on the no-fire thing. I made Becks check out the lights when she got home last night, and she’s also pretty confident that they’ll be fine 🙂

  7. I kinda agree with Adey about the paper tied to the bulb receptacle. Depending on the power consumption of the bulbs the paper might get a bit hot. However, most likely it will be Ok.

    We are starting our second week of vacation at the beach, so that’s what the weekend’s gonna be all about.

    Beach! Awesome!! I think I’ll just be vigilant about whether the paper is heatin up…. I might also just use lamps – it will be romantic!

  8. If my cats lived with you, they would probably have very sore necks from staring up all day long at those awesome streamers that probably won’t catch fire.

  9. I definitely don’t think your house will start on fire.
    That being said, I can think of something that is perhaps more badass than the coat of arms.
    I was watching the Discovery Channel one day. They were doing a thing on giant animals or something crazy. Anyway, a dead whale washed ashore.
    A bear, two wolves, and an eagle were all FEASTING on the whale AT THE SAME TIME. My head exploded.

    But yes, considering Minnesota’s coat of arms is a farmer, that is pretty badass.

  10. No, you are not going to burn down the house (hopefully the fire trucks are not there as I write this). But I do hope that you did the wise thing and instead of buying the pinata, just decided to use Helen to beat Carly. Or vice-versa.

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