Completely Normal.

Over the last couple of days I’ve had headaches so bad I want nothing more than to bury my forehead in a pile of soft pillows in a comfortingly dark room. Usually they hit after mid-afternoon. Apparently they’re a side affect of my medication, and therefore completely normal.

You’ll have to excuse my bitter sarcasm there. Something about head-splitting pain being described as normal makes me want to throw large stones at the internet, my doctor, the chemist, and the balloons that keep popping in the lounge.

The squeezing tension keeps me awake at night, until I finally relent, swinging myself up out of bed to shower, and down painkillers with warm milk. However, it is completely normal.

This morning, however, I was hit with the worst one yet. I ended up having to close my curtains again, and lie in fetal position until the urge to up-chuck had gone away. The stabbing and the squeezing is getting better – it’s quieted down to a brittle ache, now.

I can read my computer screen again, so long as I reduce the brightness down to a glimmer of a hint of light.

Still. Completely. Normal.

The thing that’s worrying me now, though, is that I have to get to work – I’m already late – and it’s really bright out there. I can tell because there are sharp burning rays of sunlight poking between the gaps in my curtains.

I’m feeling a little like a light-shy vampire this morning. A completely normal vampire.


7 thoughts on “Completely Normal.

  1. Ah! welcome to the club. I suffer migranes and I get similar bs from docs. Hmm, we don’t know the cause, w don’t know what triggers them, Nothing to do… Everything’s completely normal, though.

    So, I’ve turned into an ergotamine freak with an average of eight or ten pills a week.

    If you suddenly stop hearing about me then you know that something blew up in my head.

  2. It definitely sounds like migranes. The causes are hard to tell. Mine are caused by MSG, my mom’s are from chocolate (poor mom, I just had to give up Doritos and be careful of Chinese food). There are a lot of causes, don’t automatically assume meds.

  3. So very sorry to hear how bad off you’ve been. Hope the medication ends up being more help than hindrance; if not, definitely look for something else. I am beyond impressed that sick like this you’re capable of such eloquent writing and thought. Kudos! PS: Hope you’re feeling much better soon.

  4. Headaches suck. I get the same ones you described too. Do you have a headache before you go to bed? If I go to bed with a bit of a headache thinking ‘Ill sleep it off’ you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be in with it 10x worse when I wake up in the early hours of the morning. Take panadol/panadeine and/or nurofen when they start coming on, if you can. I always try to kick mine in the butt in early stages, where I can. Hope you can control them/loose them soon!

  5. Adey, yeah I do get them before bed – and yeah todays one was so much worse in the morning! I haven’t been taking painkillers right away because I don’t want to be shoving too many extra drugs into my body – I think I’ll revise that plan though!

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