Three Beautiful Things

1. Being excited to hit things again.Β 2011 is a new year, and it looks like I’m gearing up to be all punchy, kicky, and exercise driven in it. That excites me.

Taekwon Do starts up again this Thursday, and I’m positively vibrating with eagerness to get back to it. I’ve also just got myself a free trial class with Jai Thai Boxing… And dudes? I’m excited about that too. I’m already dusting off my gloves. I haven’t done a kickboxing class in the longest time, and, boy do I miss them.

There’s nothing quite like pushing all your anxiety, and jittery energy into your fists. Then slamming those fists repeatedly into something stationary.

It’s nothing short of therapeutic.

2. Accepting my crazy curly wild hair for what it is – at times completely uncontrollable, but worth setting free every now and again. Today it is floating around my head like a dense halo of curl. I’ve decided to jus enjoy the bounce of it, rather than wrestle it back into one of my ever-present hair ties.

3. Finding this video, about coming out of the crazy closet via the Bloggess:

I think that Michael (author of Colony of Losers) is right, silence is a bad, bad thing when it comes to the crazy. I, for one, know that my depression scares the living fuck out of me sometimes. Having this blog to write about it in, and people around me to talk to about it makes the load that much lighter.

There are a lot of very very talented, smart people out there who have dealt with times far darker than mine, who have managed to do amazing things with their lives. That thought is nothing less than illuminating.


5 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things

  1. And the most incredibly beautiful eyes in NZ. πŸ™‚

    You are already doing amazing things with your life and will continue to.

    About ‘having people around to talk’, don’t you worry: we ain’t leavin’. You’ve bought us all with your charming ways and now you’re part of our lives forever.
    So there. πŸ˜‰

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