CAKE. And other news.

I’ve been updating my CV lately, and looking at future career possibilities, and part of that involves me looking at job descriptions for jobs that I want to be in one day. AND, lo and behold, I just found one that I’m kind of interested in for NOW.

I currently have a pretty sweet job with the Organisation… But this other job looks like the job I sometimes fantasize about… The job that looks better in a cocktail dress than my old flabby job. More oomphy. With better curves.

Not that I’m saying my old job is… Old. Or undesirable in any way! I’m just ready to have a bit more of a challenge. A change of scene – a bit of professional growth space!

Also? Potentially, I could do BOTH jobs at the same time. A sort of an affair, or a bit on the side, if you will. That would pretty much be AWESOME.

I’m making huge inroads on my CV, and cover letter RIGHT NOW. Amazing right? I mean, I’ve been stalled on this CV since…. Well, it’s been a long time. CV’s are hard things to write when you’re not sure what exactly you’re writing them for.

I feel like chocolate cake. Instead I’m eating couscous and tuna salad. (Just thought I’d share.)

In other news? I have my kickboxing gym free trial thing to go to tonight. I’m excited! In an utterly terrified kind of way. But, it’s the good terrified. Like, three years ago, I’d be so scared to go do something like this in a new environment, with new people – new strangers: who I’ve never met before, who might see me doing something stupid!

*Gasp of horror*

This time I’m only terrified because I’m all Christmas Ham body, and I so badly want to be able to keep up with everyone else!

In fact? I didn’t even think about dragging along a support person (which is what I used to do in all scary situations before I started TKD) until the lady who I booked in with was all ‘do you want to bring a friend?’ And I remembered that I actually have a few friends who might like to get in on the kicky awesomeness. I think probably, with the late notice, and all, that no one’s going to be able to make it.

Never mind. I will go, and have a fabulous time!

Wow, I really feel like cake.

Also? The printer in the office is doing something really weird. It will print, from any programme, EXCEPT the MS Office programmes. I don’t know why.

I know a total of three things that might fix it (and one of them involves hitting it) and not one of those things are working.

It’s at times like this that I really (REALLY) wish we had a proper IT person. Or at least an IT person who wasn’t me. Because, clearly I’m shit at this kind of thing. If turning it off and then back on, and smacking it around won’t fix it? Then I’m stumped.



Update: Wo! I finished my CV – thanks to a mega dose of inspiration, and Becks who is a total whizz at this kind of thing. I regularly ask myself ‘what would Becks do?’ In work situations.  Finally I have an up-to-date CV again, and guys? I’m s TOTALLY qualified! I had no idea just how very qualified I was until I started actually looking at my work!

Also? Kickboxing was fun, and I sweated a lot, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll do it regularly. It works out to be more expensive than my gym membership, and I think it would confuse some of the stuff I’m learning with Taekwon Do – I don’t want to be giving myself bad TKD habits (even if they’re totally awesome and cool kickboxing habits!)

And? I did not have cake.


6 thoughts on “CAKE. And other news.

  1. I’m pretty sure we went to the same school of IT solutions.

    And I’d totally go to kickboxing classes if I lived in your area/country/hemisphere!

  2. CV’s are a pain.
    Mine reads: left school at 15 1/2yrs old.
    Did stuff.
    Good the All Blacks!
    (For your international readers: That’s the name of our rugby team, not a racial slur.)

  3. Oh yes All Blacks are well known and joy to watch. We’ve had our butt seriously kicked by them (always). They totally rule.

    The other team knows they’re in big trouble when the All Blacks dudes do their Haka Maori war dance.

    Found this one on youtube:

    All Blacks Haka

    Sorry Shannon to derive out of subject in your own post, but the homage was necessary.

  4. CAKE … sigh … I love CAKE. I love pound cake made with whipping cream, red velvet cake, German chocolate cake, caramel cake, carrott cake, Mandarin orange cake, Texas Choclate Sheet Cake, 14 layer yellow cake with chocolate icing, birthday cake … hmmm … did I miss any?

    Did I mention that I LOVE CAKE, even pictures of cake 🙂

    Congrats on completing your CV!

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