Taekwon Do! Oh How I missed you!

Wo! First Taekwon Do training back!! I feel pretty good, considering I haven’t done TKD since DECEMBER (gasp!)

(HOW did I not kill anyone over the Christmas period without my punch-therapy??)

Because I’m a 5th gup I know 5 patterns… with 19-38 movements in each pattern. Dudes? That’s a LOT to remember. I was sitting on the side waiting for the junior class to finish all: “Hm. Maybe I should, I dunno, run through them a couple of times.”

So I did, and no joke, I got stuck on the second movement, of the second pattern, and I’m all “Oh shoot. This class is not going to end well.”

Then one of the black belts alerted me to the fact that I seem to have forgotten how to punch. Also? The correct length for our most basic stance.

Excuse me while I sit here and blush, for a little while.

So yeah. It was a bit of a rough one, but fun. I forgot how much I love doing it.

And, I decided to start this year the way I mean to go on, by being serious, and paying attention in class, but making a real effort to be more friendly to everyone. I’m not very good at walking myself into group situations and starting a conversation, so it’s something I’m really really going to have to work on. I don’t want to be “that weird quiet chick who always shows up and hangs out in corners” for the rest of my life!!

(Not that I’ve ever been called that.)

(To my knowledge.)

Other things I did today: I brought The Dress (ie. My one clothing splash out for this half of the year) and a hat! And some cheap nailpolish, to go with the dress.

I also had lunch with Louise and, conversationally: the worst open chicken sandwich ever. For starters? It wasn’t open. There were two bits of bread arranged in a closed sandwich formation. I considered sending it back, and demanding they rearrange it to better reflect the wording on the menu.

Then I had a date-like-event with a psych-student/DJ/running/snowboarding/territorial army dude. He was nice. I’m not sure he was into me, so I think I’ll just leave it until/ if he calls me. I did send him a text to thank him for a good time, though, because I am polite, and charming, and am apparently a closet Ms. Manners.

I modeled the hat at the end of the date-like-event, because the dude was all “I don’t understand what you are prattling on about fedoras for, crazy lady” and he was all “Oh. So it’s a mans hat.” And I was all “What? No! It’s an adorable FEMALE hat. It’s girly!”

So in conclusion, I hope it’s not too manish.

This is why I try to avoid going shopping without one of my proven shopping associates. Louise would have looked at it and said “No, don’t buy it, it’s manish” or “Yes, buy it, because it’s an adorably female version of maleness!”

(I’m lying, Louise would have never said that. She would have just said “Yes, it’s cute.” I’m projecting!)

Hmm. Remember that time where I said: “I feel pretty damn good” right back at the beginning of this post? Yeah, I’d like to change that, because I just attempted to sit cross-legged on my bed and my hips were all Excuse me? Oh no you Di’int.”


6 thoughts on “Taekwon Do! Oh How I missed you!

  1. I’ve never been brave enough to take martial arts – I’d probably sulk the first time I fell down and never go back! (This is, incidentally, the same reason I will never take up roller derby, regardless of how much fun it looks) I have, however, been taking Body Combat classes at the gym for the past two years. And the bastards just cancelled Combat. Sad face… No more punchy therapy for me 😦

    I’m sure the hat is cute and not at all manly!!

  2. I’m here to celebrate your dress purchase with you! Oh Happy Day! I hope you love your new dress, more than I love the last dress that I absolutely had to have! I still think the dress I bought is beautiful, I just wasn’t impressed with the photos of me wearing the dress. Which brings me to congratulate you on returning to your martial arts class. I have been less than present at the gym lately, and pictures don’t lie. I have got to go back to the gym FOREVER, not just a day here and there, or none of my dresses are going to make me as happy as they did when I first saw them hanging in the store.

  3. #1 Wonder Woman rocks!!!!!!
    #2 I took Taekwon when I was a kid and it made me cry…I couldn’t get the exact stance right, before and after moves. Just a frustrating experience for me.

  4. I can’t believe you got a mis-configured ‘open sandwich’! But I’m glad you didn’t send it back. Or did you, Ms. Manners?

    Damn, I’d forgotten what long fingers Wonder Woman had. Wonder who posed her on the wrong side of the set.

    This was a pretty cool & wide ranging post. Well done Leaf.

  5. First off? That picture is just multiple shades of AWESOME.

    I’m impressed that you’re doing TKD in the first place. I had no idea it involved so much memory work! Sheesh, it’s almost as bad as the silly exams I’m working on…

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