It’s too early for pretty. I think we’re just going to have to resign ourselves to ‘present’.

You’re going to have to excuse me for being a bit flat and grumpy. My alarm went off 20 minutes ago. At 7am.

I swear this is the earliest I’ve been up all month. For two months, maybe. 7am is not as much fun as I remembered.

And now I have to get all dolled up for the races, and my dress is nice, but a mission to zip up because it has a ridiculous, STUPID invisible zip thing that gets sticky around the seams.

Also?I did much gymness yesterday. I don’t want to wear heels. My ass, the thighs are all ‘Bahaha, heels? seriously? You thought you were wearing heels after that Pump class from hell?? Where you raised your leg and back weights? Bahahahahaha. Ha.’

Oh christ. I just looked at the clock ad it’s now 7.24am. I have 36 minutes to look good. I smell like self tanner, my hair is… Interesting. And I am still in a bathrobe.

35 minutes.

And another thing? I have these fake eyelash corners that I was going to wear today, but honestly? The thought of going anywhere near my eyes with glue, and any kind of precision is just making me groan right now. I mean, I haven’t even opened my eyes full yet.

I managed to open the fridge door into my boob (which? Hurt. A lot.) So I’m not exactly trusting my chances at not burning my eyeballs out of my head with fake eyelash glue.

All in all? It’s too early for looking pretty, and I have 32 minutes to get dressed.




6 thoughts on “It’s too early for pretty. I think we’re just going to have to resign ourselves to ‘present’.

  1. Oh dear. That is all MOST unfortunate. Why do they insist of putting invisible zips on dresses? I mean, everyone knows there’s a zip there. And the bastards just get stuck, making the dress impossible to get on or off! (I had an invisible zip struggle of my own while getting a bridesmaid’s dress fitted for alteration…)

    And in my experience? You should neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever increase your Pump weights if you have plans to go anywhere within two days!!

    Hope the races were good despite the stupidly early start…

  2. I like to sit in my robe until I absolutely must get ready for work. I feel like it’s a statement of liberty to sit in my robe eating cereal and saying “I am not giving up any more of MY time than I must!”

  3. OOooo! The races! I love dressing up for the races! 😀

    ……….is that just me?

    Also. I can totally help with those eyelashes. Just gimme a call, sistah, and I’ll come help ya out.

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