Short and Sweet

This one’s going to be short and sweet.

Short because it is 1.30am in the morning, and I’ve only just arrived home from my first 14 hour shift at the Sevens. (I do Corporate Box Hosting at the stadium sometimes for a bit of extra cash.)

It is also short because I’m busy scarfing down Chicken Parmigiano that Thursday’s Shannon thought I might want to have in the fridge ‘just in case.’ Dear Thursday’s Shannon: I love you. A lot.

And? My feet hurt. Also my knees. And my back. And my shoulders.

The good news is that in 8 hours I get to get up and do it all again. Wo!

Now, for the sweet: That wee shift just earned me a good chunk of money off my overdraft!

Also? They feed us box monkeys the same (AWESOME) food as the corporate box owners. It is delicious.

And? I got a $100 tip. For pouring drinks, and making people happy. Yeah. I love working for rich people. That tip meant I could get a taxi home, and leave the driver a decent tip too, because I know a few taxi drivers, and I try to spread the good karma when I can.

Alright. Sleep. I have the funny feeling I’m about to face-plant into my keyboard.


6 thoughts on “Short and Sweet

  1. You always manage to come up with some fresh figure of speech, a funny comment or phrase, and it seems the well never dries for you. Another thing to admire you for.

    In this post the prize goes to “Thursday’s Shannon”. Hilarious and sharp, as usual.

  2. Working for the rich… Ahhhhh.. The ONLY way to go. (Unless, of course you get to marry one and live off the fat. Alas. In my case, but a dream..)

    Hope you got a good, well deserved rest!

  3. Ormie: Thanks 🙂

    thedailydish: My Mum once told me that I should marry a millionare, because I have the ‘Right personality for it.’ I wasn’t sure whether I should have been offended or not. (I’m still not sure if it was a veiled putdown, or an obscure compliment.)

  4. Your mom’s comment? I’d go with the latter. You strike me as a well grounded person and that’s key when it comes to dealing w/ heaps of cash. You’d likely enjoy some good things but not let the wealth overwhelm you. Some people should never ever be fabulously wealthy b/c they’re personalities are so poor to begin with!

  5. I wonder if “rich people” down there are nicer than “rich people” in the U.S.? Here, at least from what I’ve seen, they tend to treat people as something less than human…

  6. That was a great kickoff for a nice thread geekhiker. 🙂

    I guess it still depends on the people, irrespective of the country. I recall when we lived in the US and my mother worked for an exceedingly rich family as a cleaning maid and my father died on a 23rd December, that this family took us in as guests in their home for two full weeks, well into the next year. They bought an insane amount of gifts for us for Christmas, and of course none of that was their obligation but they just did it. The day we had to leave, the father of the house had a chat with me, telling me how life was sometimes unfair, and how I had to be strong for my mother and brother, and he gave me this beautiful Encyclopedia. He said that it had been with his family for a long time and now he wanted me to have it so I’d remember them.

    Of course, this is my experience, it was a long time ago, and there might be other many examples to prove things otherwise. However, I did want to leave this written as my little homage to this family.

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