too busy eating for a title. Imagine something pithy and witty here.

I just got home, and boy my feet are killing me. I would do many very bad things for a foot massage.

(Very bad things like leave my recycling bin out on the curb overnight, say a sweary word outside a church, and not return my supermarket trolley to the designated trolley area. Not sexy bad things, because: Ew. I only deal in cash for sexy bad things.)

I made plans to meet Louise for Brunch late tomorrow morning, and at this stage I think I’m going to have to crawl to get there. Or steal a wheelchair from someone. Or a car. The possibilities are endless.

I was in the same corporate box tonight, but I had in a different crowd. Yesterdays (awesome tippers) were the corporate team for Big Company. Todays group were the retail team. Big difference. For starters, no tip, but lots of heartfelt thank you’s – which was almost as nice. (Almost, because this job pays just above minimum wage.)

Thankfully yesterdays tip stretched for my taxi home tonight, and a pizza, which I have been imaging eating since 8pm tonight… It’s now 12.23 – and I finished my 12 hour shift exactly 53 minutes ago, and the SECOND I was out of the stadium I started calling pizza places to find an open one (yeah, food delivery stops pretty early here in New Zealand – 11pm is pretty much it.)

I finally found a place that would send me pizza, and guys? I nearly cried. It was that emotional. That and my feet REALLY hurt.




5 thoughts on “too busy eating for a title. Imagine something pithy and witty here.

  1. I bet that pizza was nearly heaven. Hope you enjoyed it. As for the difference in tippers – funny how the retail staff thanked you so profusely, whereas the corporate let the money do their talking. NOT that I would mind the cash – EVER – but interesting to note all the same. Hope you had/have a nice brunch today. And as for your poor feet, next tip you get your waltz those tootsies to the nearest pedicure shop for a paint job & massage. Treat them right! Reminds me of a post I wrote a loooooong time ago – Happy Feet

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