Today I am a hamster. Or a gerbil. Or a Chipmunk on speed.

Yesterday when I left the house there was sun – I’m sure of it.

I was wearing jandals and a skirt and a very light top… As I reached the driveway there was a light mist of rain, which I ignored because: There. Was. Sun.

Then I disappeared into my (windowless maze of an) office for a couple of hours and when I emerge: winter has cometh!!

Seriously, what happened to the sun?! And the summer?! And more importantly, why didn’t I predict this was going to happen? I didn’t have anything warm with me, and I had to get to Taekwon Do out in Miramar, without getting frostbite.

(Ha. You think I’m joking, but the Wellington wind is actually really that cold.)  

(Although, yeah probably not actually, really cold enough for frostbite. That’s a slight exaggeration.)

(What I meant to say, was without getting blue toes. Which, is nearly the same thing.)

After a bit of scrounging I found a grey hooded zip-up top that I’d left hanging on the coat rack at work a couple of weeks ago. It looked awful with my grey skirt. I also found a silky scarf in my bag from when I went to lunch with Louise the other day – it did nothing to cut the cold wind – and down the bottom of my TKD bag I found a pair of 3/4 leggings that I’d abandoned at some point.

Then I carefully walked to the bus stop – because the bricked pavements on Manners Street are like ice-skating if you happen to be wearing jandals when its wet. Not many people know that, I think, because not many people wear jandals and summery skirts on cold, windy, rainy days.

Then my bus arrived, and I sat in one of the first available seats, next to a girl all dressed in a cute dress, boots, and rain-jacket combo, and two guys in sharply pressed suits. I arranged my skirt so that it was covering my mismatched leggings a little better, and wrapped my scarf in a way that I hoped covered the rip I’d just discovered in the hooded top. (I knew there was a reason I’d left this stupid thing at work.)

 I felt like that day I started a new school after shifting towns for the umpteenth time: I’d showed up in this oversize fluffy purple jumper from a second hand shop, and some black leggings that Mum had helped me pick out  the night before… Only, when I looked around the classroom all the kids in my new class were wearing new clothes with labels – like outfits that I’d seen in teen magazines – and not one of them had a fluffy jumper, or a pair of leggings on… All of a sudden I was acutely aware of my drawers full of secondhand clothes.

To this day I have a real dislike of showing up any place dressed differently from the crowd. I’m a firm believer in being ever so slightly over dressed, rather than under dressed.

I guess I’m lucky that we all have to wear a uniform at Taekwon Do. There’s no over dressed, or under dressed there – we’re all more concerned about whether we’re sweating enough yet!

Now… Somewhere along the way I lost my track of thought and drifted a bit through this one – so if it doesn’t exactly follow a logical train of thought, or come to a proper conclusion, you’re going to have to excuse me. I’m all nervous, you see. I’ve just applied for a couple of jobs with my spiffy new CV, and now I’m feeling all… Bubbly… Yes, bubbly is about as close to the right word as I can find – that or sparkly… Like fizzy lemonade. 

I’m excited by the possibilities, and I’m eager to hear back from them, and nervous that they won’t like me, and worried that my lack of a relevant complete qualification is going to hamper me, and cautiously confident in my ability to do the jobs if they’ll only just give me a chance to meet them… And I’m jittery. Yeah, my brain is pretty much running off in a million different directions – most of them good – and it’s a little hard to keep track of just one thought, and just one feeling.

So… Really, it’s just like a regular day on sugar/caffeine for me – except that I haven’t eaten any sugar, and I’ve never developed an appreciation for coffee/ caffeinated drinks. (And this exact feeling is why!)

Alright. I’d better go… clean something. Or shred some paper or something. I wonder if this is how hamsters feel all the time? All twitchy and excited. No wonder they’re always on those exercise wheel-things. I can’t wait to get to the gym.


6 thoughts on “Today I am a hamster. Or a gerbil. Or a Chipmunk on speed.

  1. Hello dear, I also have jittery jitters, because I have to swing by quickly and leave you a quick note. I will come back later to properly read your blog. I have to take pukkapurl private and if you would like to continue as a reader, it would be nice, if you would swing by pukkapurl today and leave me your email address. Not that my writing is that interesting or anything like that. I just wanted to offer you the option of reading after I take pukkapurl private.


  2. thoughtsappear, and dailydish: Jandals are… Flip flops… Or I think you guys also call them thongs (Which is weird because that’s what we call a pair of very skimpy underpants)

    licketysplitter: Yes please, I’d like that – I’ll come comment now 🙂

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