Blah. Monday? You’re breakin’ my heart. I was all set for another Sunday, and: Bam. Here’s Monday. And there’s no hot water. (I nearly cried.)

(I’m pretty sure Jasmyne did cry – the water ran out in the middle of her shower.)

So. To counteract this craptastic start, I’m going to have a viewing of a few videos, and links that made me smile this weekend.

First? I am, from Bonesy’s Blahg! I LOVE this. It’s practically perfect in every way. (10 points and a gold star if you can tell me which movie that’s from) I’m also going to give it a shot as a writing exercise in my journal later this week.

A song that’s been stuck in my head since Friday’ Cecelia Issue:

This song always makes me think of Road Trips with Dad – He’s a very big Simon and Garfunkel fan, and at some point in every long-haul trip we would listen to an entire CD of their greatest hits. (Dad is a big fan of the ‘he who drives choses the music’ rule.)

Oh, And one more, because today is Valentines Day, and Nikki’s post (over at Women are from Mars) on being single, and appreciating the hell out of your girls on V-day made me smile. Also? It has some pretty rocking burlesque photography going on! Needless to say, this probably isn’t one you want to read at work.

Alright. I’m going to go try the shower again. (Please, please, please let there be hot water!)

What made you grin this weekend? Share some links people! I loves me some links!


7 thoughts on “Mondayitus.

  1. What made me grin? Your comments on S & G. Smile to the face.
    Big shout out to Lobo, Elton John and Kid Rock!

  2. My grin-inducing list of weekend “stuff”:

    1) The fact that I am earning 10 points AND a gold star for saying “Mary Poppins!” I love me some pop culture, especially when points and gold are involved. Technically, it’s no longer the weekend, so I’m not sure if this counts. Whatever.

    2) My first “ping.” I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that!!

    3) The fact that, after a weekend of exhausting, bank-busting spending, I now get to report back to work to earn some of it back. Know what’s less sexy than washing machine and car shopping? Dishwasher shopping. Yeah. It’s like that.

  3. Your practice vid make me grin! Everyone looks like they’re having such fun in the waves! 😀

    Thanks for the shout-out! Glad you enjoyed the post… here are a couple more for Valentine’s! (know you don’t celebrate it, but great messages, regardless!)

    The Big Girl Blog: and Wendi B Writes (guest post by the Hopeful Romantic):

  4. First, I must admit that I am extremely jealous that you got to workout ON THE BEACH this weekend! You lucky dog.

    Second, my weekend grin:
    My boyfriend bought a kayak last week. He was soo excited! Then he got a terrible cold and had to miss work Friday. The weekend proved to be lovely and warm, but he was stuck inside getting worse by the minute. I told him that there would be more warm days when he was feeling better to get his ‘yak’ out on the water. I left yesterday afternoon to run some errands. and I got a picture texted to me sometime later of his feet, in the boat, in the water with the words, “I’m on a boat!” Yes, he snuck out sicker than a dog to paddle his kayak on the little lake down the street, but I knew how happy he was in doing so. Hence the grin from me.

    Third, I hope you had warm waters for your shower. Cheers!

  5. I had the same feeling this morning 😦 My alarm went of at 7 am, and I was like: ,,Why did my alarm go off on a Sunday?” 😛
    There’s a reason Garfield hates Mondays…

  6. Bonesey: Oh! 10 points, and a gold star!! Ding ding! You know what – I have a secret. I don’t really like that movie much. And yet I can’t get the quotes, and songs out of my head. It’s strange.
    Dishwasher shopping? Blergh.

    Nikki04: Links! Exciting! I will definitely check those out 🙂

    Humanitarikim:Very cool on the Kayak front! I’ve always wanted one. I did ‘surf’ kayaking over in Rarotonga, and had the best time!

    Emsz: There’s also a reason he loves lassana. It’s cheesy, carby goodness. (Yes, off topic, but true.)

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