Hair, and a tour.

I have a post full of photos for y’all today. Mostly because I’m trying to avoid telling you about something TOTALLY embarrassing that happened this morning. I’ll probably end up telling you all anyway, because that’s how I roll. (Also? My name is next to ‘over-sharer’ in the dictionary.)

First, I’m going to be all hair because you guys asked nicely, and I like to oblige when I can. I’m helpful like that. I was going to post a photo originally, but I honestly didn’t think anyone would find it interesting. It’s not that big of a change:

See? Not a huge change, just a bit of ‘cool spicy red’.

And, While I had the camera out, I thought I’d show off my room a bit. Because I totally LOVE my room.

Welcome to my room! Isn’t it pretty! I sure like it. I especially like having my desk right out in the middle like that, because it’s given me a great space for writing. It means I can sit down and spread out, and enjoy myself, as opposed to being crammed into a corner. (Nobody puts baby in a corner!)

In short? I never used to use my desk – unless I was using it to hide my washing. Now I use it all the time!

This right here? This is how I organise my makeup and girly stuff. Quite frankly? I’m a bit of a neat freak sometimes. It just makes me wildly happy to know that all my hair clips are neatly filed away into the right compartment.

This right here? This is my fabulous view! Isn’t it great?! The photos on the window still are all mine too. The one on the left is my Dad (he was my go-to guy for modeling in high-school) The one in the middle is a shot of this awesome old stump I found on the beach, and the big tall ones on the right are a group of photos all taken around some of my favorite beaches and, harbors. (Waterfronts are my happy place.)

This is the view from my bed. You see that big grey alarm cock? That alarm clock is probably the most important thing in my room. It’s a bit of a symbolic touchstone for me – a place I go back to every time I’m in need of some grounding. When I hit a dark spot with my depression, one of the first things I lose track of is time. Hours somehow speed by feeling like just minutes. Minutes sometimes stretch out unbearably long. Hence it’s really important that I can see that clock, and get myself back on track.

Oh and the dangly mobile thing up at the top of that photo:

This thingie is awesome. I use it to display photos of some of my favorite people, postcards, artwork, cards, and pretty things that I find in random places.

My flatties, and landlord like it too, because it means I don’t stick anything to my walls that might peel the thin coating of paint off the ancient wallpaper underneath.

My bed side table which is jam-packed full of library books at the moment. Also? My ever-present bottle of water. I get major headaches if I don’t keep hydrated. Unfortunately I never remember to actually drink water, so I have a bottle with me – or beside me – most of the time. Every so often I’ll stumble across one while I’m digging in my handbag, or looking for a bed-time book to read – and I’ll think, huh, that’s right. I’m thirsty!

I keep this thingie above my bed. It was part of a very generous 21st gift from a friend’s mother. I pretty much always get on really well with friends and boyfriends parents. I think its because I usually make friends with loud outgoing people, and so when their parents meet me I’m all quiet, and polite in comparison, and they start thinking that I’m a good influence. Or something.

To be honest I’ve never understood it.

And this riot of colour right here? I keep this stuff above my bed too. It’s important to me.

This is my inspiration board. It’s just a cork board that I’ve filled up with things to inspire me, or things that inspire positive emotions. It’s basically colours/textures/patterns that I think are cool, artwork and photography that I admire – mostly from brochures and magazines, Typography that makes me drool, and the occasional funny comment or business card…

I also keep my gym schedule up here, because I have to look at that at least once a day, which means that I also end up looking at the board as a whole once a day, which means that I’m exposed to my inspirational stuff once a day! Genius right? I’m sneaky like that…

This here’s my Tim Denee Calendar. It was free! (I love free.) You can get your own here. You just print it off, and staple it together, and you’re good to go. It doesn’t show up very well in the photograph, but I printed mine off on this really cool textured off-white paper. It makes it pop! And if I muck something up, instead of having to cross it out, I can just print off a new page! (Because I’m a bit of a perfectionist like that!)

And these? These are some medals from Taekwon Do competitions that I was involved in last year. Originally I was just going to pop them away in my photo box – because part of me was all “Who – over the age of 17 – displays medals in their bedroom!?”

But then I was sitting there looking at my gold one, that I got for winning the Patterns competition at the Welington Regionals, and I thought, “You know what? I’m actually really proud of this. I worked damn hard to be good at patterns, and I enjoy the hell out of doing them, and I think that’s inspirational.” So I put them up on my inspiration board.

Hmmm Let’s see, I’ve also got my bookcase – full of romance novels. My tree thing. (He’s in desperate need of re-potting. I think it’s getting a little cramped in there.) (Also? I don’t know exactly what he is. I call him Fred.)

On the right in my photo box – it’s just a box full of photos and keepsakes. I used to have a bunch of albums, but I really prefer keeping my photos in a box. It makes for far more interesting viewing, and it makes it easier to kick-start my creativity if I’m looking for ideas.

I’ve also got a big world map, because I have real problems with geography stuff. I have to look at this thing at least once a week, so that I can figure out where places like Libya, and Egypt are placed in relation to each other. It makes for much embarrassment if a Politics and International Relations student gets this kind of thing mixed up.

Oh, and on top of my book case there, is my lava lamp – which makes my room look like an alien abduction scene at night – and my hat collection, and a painting that one of my brothers did for me for Christmas. It has a macaroni frame. He’s 17.

I had a lot of fun explaining how special he was to the lady sitting next to me on the bus home.

Here, I was supposed to be taking a photo of my workspace, with my giant mug of pens, and my journal, and my macbook, Cecelia… Instead I got distracted by my nails… I really should repaint those before work. Except I’m not going to have time. Hmm. I’ll do them tonight.

Ok. Here’s my desk. It’s tidy, because I generally like to spread myself out when I write, and I get all anxious and distracted if there’s mess. So I chuck all my little bits and pieces into that desk-caddy thing there, and then I move my laptop so that I can’t see it past my screen. Perfect! It’s like it’s not even there!

Also, the furry thing on the bottom left is a fake fur stole that I brought for my 21st, when I dressed up like a russian cold-war spy infiltrating a formal event. (I made the coolest invitations in the WORLD for that. I’ll have to show you some day!)

And finally, this is a paper umbrella that I found at a big street festival in Newtown. I originally wanted to put it in the ceiling somehow, but that turned out to be a lot of work. So instead I use it to store my sports bag, and my gym bag. It means that they’re always there at the end of my bed, but I don’t have to be constantly looking at my sparring gear  all spilling out, and entangled in my yoga pants. Trust me, that kind of thing could give a girl nightmares.

Well. An ever so slightly neat-freak girl nightmares, anyway.

Besides, it means I can indulge my messy side, without offending my visually driven creativity.

Oh, and look at that! I’ve run out of time to tell you all about that totally embarrassing thing this morning! What a shame. Oh well! (Procrastinating? Who me? Never!)


10 thoughts on “Hair, and a tour.

  1. I too LOVE the hair!! Beautiful!! Thanks for the room tour – so clean and modern! Living in a 250 yr old house, I forget how lovely it is to have up to date stuff – LOL!

  2. i LOVE getting tours of other peoples’ rooms! i’m about to move, so i’m getting all inspired for new ways to store/organize/display my crap…

    also love the hair. i always ask for red at the salon, and they always just give me brown with the vaguest hint of red. next time i’m going in and demanding julianne moore hair!

  3. Hehe, I doubt that color would look good on me but it does look amazing on you.

    I enjoyed very much the tour, the pictures are great but besides that, you have such an enviable way with words, it’s almost like you take everyone along with you on a real tour.

    A big Thank You. You have me waking up each morning to check what’s up with Shan each day.

  4. I, like Ormie, love the hair colour. Great to actually check out the room, then see it posted.
    Hope the surprise visit was OK. You know me. Bad penny and all.

  5. Thoughtsappear: I know right?! I always try for this colour and I always end up a little disappointed! This one isn’t quite so red when I’m not in the sun – hence the window shots. Just in case you get this brand where you are, it’s: Schwarzkopf Brilliance number 93: Cool Spicy Red.

    Dishy: I totally love my room 🙂 The whole house is pretty art-deco styles, it’s kind of old, with chandeliers and ornate ceilings and things, and it’s got the perfect amount of modern stuff! We’ve probably got the best house in Wellington – There’s a reason it’s called the Te Aro Mansion!!

    Alice: Totally go for the Julianne Moore! I’ve always loved her shades of red. And I, too, am a huge fan of house tours. I love the Pioneer Woman’s Home and Garden section, because it’s got HEAPS of tours:

    Ormie: Well, you never know until you try it – I triple-dog-dare you to dye your hair red 😛

    Miss McCracken: Thank you kindly!

    Dad: Thanks Dad 🙂
    And the surprise visit was the highlight of my night. I love surprise visits! It was especially cool that you arrived just as I was beginning to lose my temper with my work website stuff. It’s a very long boring (but strangely enthralling) project, and it was so nice to take a break.

  6. Hair color = awesome. 🙂

    Wow, your place is so neat, clean and tidy! I wish I were like that. Not that my place is a complete disaster or nothing (despite being a bachelor, I do vacuum and clean the kitchen on a regular basis), but wow, I wish I were as organized as you!

  7. Hair looks good, but what I am really impressed with is the fact you have become a neat freak!!!!!…….(yip I remember well how good you were at hiding things) ….Okay so you may not have my eyes…but I am definately claiming the fact you got your Neat Freak side from me!!!!!!

  8. geekhiker: Thanks, and yeah it is – it’s a sign that I’m feeling good. When I’m feeling like poop, my room gets all kinds of messy. Organisation is the key for a happy Shannon!

    Mum: I still have the closet from hell!! It’s about as disorganised as I get – like you said -I’m very very good at hiding my mess 🙂

    It still makes me giggle that all three of us kids have Dad’s eyes – what are the chances of that!! Although I think Ry and I (at least) got the Pointon nose…

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