5 Things I did today. (yes, I’m pulling that old rabbit out of the hat again.)

Whew. I’m actually procrastinating on my big work website thing. It’s 9.53pm, and I’m TIRED already. No matter that the silly thing has to be done tomorrow so that I can get a move on on the Newsletter.

I’m kind of proud of it though.. I sort of want to let you guys see, but that’s a bad idea.. Right? I mean, it’s not like I trash-talk my job at all, but… Well I think Dooce has taught us all that talking work on personal blogs is a Very Silly Idea.

Anyways. I have to keep working, But I thought I’d tell you guys some stuff that I did today.

1. Painted my nails “Steel her Heart” (It’s awesome and steel coloured.) (I love having girl nails.)

(11 year old horse crazy me is totally all “But why? They’ll just get all chipped and dirty when you’re riding anyway!”)

2. Had an awkward social interaction with a visiting black belt.
Him: “Hey Shannon, still powering along?”
Me: “Sure… If you can call it that…”
Both:Internal monologue: [What in the hell does that mean?]

I meant it in a funny sort of a “Yeah, I’d call it more of a crawl, though…” way, but it just came off awkward, and effectively cut off any follow-up conversation. I’m such a social retard sometimes.

3. Enjoyed the heck out of Taekwon Do tonight – despite said awkward social interaction. Unfortunately the foot that I dropped that brick on is still feeling pretty squished and tender, so I can’t really wear shoes so much at the moment. And jandals (flipflops) are still pretty uncomfortable too. I wear jandals when I’m walking somewhere on a public street, and immediately kick them off the second I get to work/TKD/home.

Because of the no shoes thing I can’t go to the gym until I’m up to wearing my cross-trainers again, so TKD, and barefoot walking are the only exercise I’m getting at the moment. I’m going to give pump and Sh’bam a go tomorrow after work though – I think it might be OK, because pump, at least, is low impact, and it’s not such a big issue if I take my shoes off in Sh’bam – it’s just dancing.

4. Ordered pizza for dinner – because I am REALLY REALLY busy at the moment (as evidenced by the fact it’s now 10pm and I still have another 2 hours of work to do) and I have not actually taken the time to grocery shop, or pull anything out of the freezer for defrosting.

(Although, even if I had, I don’t think I’ve really got time for cooking.)

5. While I was taking a break on the stairs, waiting for my pizza to arrive, I played with the pen-light we keep on our bannister, in case of a power-cut.

I did that thing where you shine the light through your fingers, and trace all the spiderwebby veins down through your hand and wrist. It was facinating.

It was a bit of a revelation that I found it so interesting, because I’m kind of squeamish about blood, but it turns out I’m fine with all my inner bits and pieces so long as they’re where they’re supposed to be – ie. inside my skin.

I’m not so much squeemish about blood, as I am squeemish about blood being where it’s not supposed to be.

Alrighty. Tell me something you did today! And If you haven’t done anything yet, tell me something you WISH you could do today.

– I’ll even go first. I wish I could read the rest of my novel today! Also? Invent a 99% fat-free pizza, that tastes as good as the one I just devoured.


5 thoughts on “5 Things I did today. (yes, I’m pulling that old rabbit out of the hat again.)

  1. Oh, I did something very interesting for me but extremely boring for anyone else. Some months ago I switched to a new programming language and today I found out a whole section of code of about 500 lines I had written could be replaced by one sentence in the new language.

    Zen is right: The only permanent thing is change.

  2. My day literally just started today, so I’ll tell you what I did yesterday.

    1. Had an exceptionally busy day at work.
    2. Got some new gladiator sandals.
    3. Agreed to let my son practice driving, and we didn’t die.
    4. Watched the season opener of Survivor; I love that show!
    5. Went to Body Pump class.

    Oh, and that last one…I’m feeling it today!

  3. What did I do today? Well, since “today” technically started at midnight, I’ll say “Wish like crazy I had picked up my prescription yesterday!” Seriously, as an insomniac who can’t sleep unless medicated… forgetting to pick up the Ambien just made no sense.

    Also, because I didn’t sleep last night, I’ve cussed more than a few people out. Granted, it’s only been in my head. I’m in inside sales/customer service, so cussing out the customers is kind of frowned upon.

    What I WISH I could do is take the rest of the day off, go home, climb into my gigantic bed, and sleep the rest of the day away.

    Instead, I’ll just cuss.

  4. Ormie: There’s nothing more satisfying than cleaning up erroneous code… I’ve just spent 3 solid days doing something like that on the work website!!

    Humanitarikim: Oh! Gladiator sandals! Awesome.

    Also? My Mum only took me for a couple of driving lessons when I was learning. She had the unfortunate habit of embedding her nails in the passengers seat, and lurching in a panicked kind-of a fashion every time I hit the accelerator or brake. She ended up freaking me out more than the car did, so I switched to Dad for lessons!

    Bonesy: Ah no! I feel your pain! I (thankfully) am not quite at your level, but I definitely know the pain of a sleepless night. Even a couple of hours less throws me out like you wouldn’t believe.

    Imagine how good it’s going to be to get home and sleep!

    Geekhiker: That is boring! Go do something fun – like photocopy your face all smooshed into the photocopier, and then post the results to all your work friends in the internal mail.

    That’s definitely what I’d be doing if I had colleagues.

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