4am is not my friend.

Today I feel like cotton wool. Muzzy, and itchy. Drifty and tired.

I was up until the early hours of the morning finishing off the work website. It was a one-off, because I’d reached a point where I just needed it done, so that I can move on with all my other work responsibilities today.

It wasn’t a huge onerous undertaking anyway – I’m so excited to launch it that it was kind of fun.

It’s a huge difference to how I used to feel after pulling an all-nighter for University. For starters? There was no dread. Just anticipation. Which, to be honest, is a little weird, because this project? It’s one of the ones that’s been stressing me out the most. Like, the knot, sitting deep between my spine, and my right shoulder blade? That knot is dedicated to this project.

That knot, it’s wife, and it’s five children depend on this project. That knot has purchased permanent resident status beside my spine, because it’s setting in for the duration of this project. It’s building a 6 bedroom McMansion, even. The resource consent forms are all-but approved.

Thank god I have a massage booked next Wednesday.

Do you see what I did there? How I just casually mentioned that, like I get massages all the time? Well I don’t. This is going to be my first ever professional massage, and it’s either going to be an endless trial of awkwardness, or it’s going to be a revelation, of religious magnitude.

I’m hoping for the revelation one.

This massage means that I’m slowly easing my way into the girly rites of passage:

I had my first manicure 4 years ago. For the first time I understood what cuticles were, and what you’re supposed to do with them. (Is it just me, or are all those magazines that talk about ‘pushing back your cuticles’ just a little bit vague, and incomprehensible?? If you want me to do it tell me WHY, Cosmo!)

I had my first pedicure earlier this year. It was awesome. The chair groped me, but I was OK with it.

I went through with undercarriage waxing for my trip to Rarotonga at the end of 2009. I emerged bare, trembling, and sweating more than a half hour spent in a sauna. The ladies who do that on a regular basis have balls of steel. (ahem. Or. You know… The equivalent.)

Now if you’ll excuse me… I’ve just realised that I’ve been staring blankly at the ceiling for the last 20 minutes. I’m going to take a power nap before work.


7 thoughts on “4am is not my friend.

  1. Waxing: Evil invention.

    Pedicure: I like it, except for when they scrub the bottoms of my feet. That’s just evil tickling!

    Work: Another evil invention 😉

    School: I love learning.

  2. ooh! i had my first, um, undercarriage waxing (GREAT euphemism, btw!) about a month ago as well. it was… well, not as bad as i was dreading, honestly.

    you will SO VERY MUCH love the massage. they are DIVIIIIIIIINE.

  3. Well doine on the web site. Post a link so we can all tour.
    I’m such a ‘tard that I needed Liam to point out the off/on button on the new computer when we got flooded that time.

  4. Muzzy. Ha. When my brother was little, he used to call fuzz “muzzies.” My mom and I still use that term. (i.e. “The pajamas you bought me for Hanukkah left muzzies all over my sheets.”)

    I’ve never had a manicure, pedicure, massage or undercarriage waxing. At 30, I apparently still have a lot of living to do. (And a lot of cats still to collect.)

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