City to Sea Walk

Weekend update! Wo!

I’ve just finished the 12k City to Sea walk, where you go from the railway station, up to the Botanic Gardens, and through a bunch of parks and town belts in Aro, and Brooklyn, and then you emerge out on the other side of Wellington at Owhiro Bay.

Louise remembered to bring her camera along, so some time after she emails the photos to me I’ll show you some of the views. That photo up there is one I found on the net, and it’s from the Tawatawa Ridge – Which I can personally attest to being a heck of a long way up.

I, true to form, patted many dogs, and generally made friends with all the wildlife, including several cicada’s – which are going mental around Wellington right now. The entire city is buzzing with them from sun up to sunset, it’s in the background of everything we do.

We also came across a few horses, and some goats. Unfortunately we didn’t get close enough to either for me to pat them. I was disappointed, because, like I told Louise, I don’t think I’ve patted nearly enough animals today to contract rabies. Or ringworm.

Oh well. There’s always next weekend.

Today’s walk was perfect, because I did very little yesterday. After Thursday’s 4am bedtime, I decided to book myself a day off on Saturday, so the only ‘productive’ thing I did was give myself a watermelon slice manicure: Basically I painted my nails coral coloured, and then gave them green tips, and added a few black watermelon seeds with a toothpick, and some black polish.

To be honest? Though it did take me three hours, I’m really not sure you could describe it as ‘productive’.

The only real product is some goofy nail polish that’s really going to confuse the heck out of some people at Taekwon Do tomorrow night.

(I try not to look too badass all the time at TKD. I wouldn’t want to intimidate them all with my sheer awesomeness.) (And badassery.)

Annndd… Hm What else did I do.. Oh, I watched a lot of American reality TV. And Drive Me Crazy, and First Daughter. I’m all about the quality TV.

Friday I hit the gym for the first time since the unfortunate brick incident. Friday was also the first time I’ve managed to jam my foot into actual shoes:

Shannon: Ow! *hiss* *gasp*

Changing Room Lady: Are you ok?

Shannon: Yeah, just trying to get my cross trainers on.

Changing Room Lady: Oh, Did you sprain something? You want me to go get an ice-pack from reception?

Shannon: Oh, thanks, but it’s fine. It’s just a bit bruised.

Changing Room Lady: Oh…

Shannon: OW!

Changing Room Lady: Should you be doing that?

Shannon: Yes. It’s mostly healed. I just dropped this… Thing on it. But it’s ok now.

Changing Room Lady: *skeptical look*

Aside from the weirdness of trying to get my foot into my shoe without putting too much pressure on the lumpy bruised bit, it actually went really well. I enjoyed the heck out of the Pump class, so I decided to stay for Sh’bam, and dance for a bit.

Alrighty, I think I’m going to watch another trashy movie, because I’m tired, enough for bed (but can’t quite bring myself to sleep at 6:25pm. It feels a little bit too much like what I think living in a rest-home would be like: lights out at 6:30pm – never mind that there’s still sun streaming through the windows.

Did you guys get up to anything exciting this weekend?


3 thoughts on “City to Sea Walk

  1. I’m sure it took much restraint for you to not use the “B” word when discussing your foot injury! Well done! I like to pet all the furry things, too. That could be taken wrong, entirely…but you know I mean the cute animals. Sounds like you had an incredible walk, and your toenails will certainly show the TKD peeps that you are equally adorable and badass.

    I was off work on Friday, and I’ve been working on a bit of a re-decorating. When I’m all done I will post pictures and elaborate. I think.

  2. Haha, I like how you decided to just go with ‘thing’ rather than brick. It would have made her all suspicious! (Ok, it would have made ME suspicious.)

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