I think we’re going to have to call this one a failure


Today has not been a good day. Mostly for personal reasons, but also because of the huge quake that hit Christchurch a couple of hours ago. Last time the earth got shaky in that region it was the early hours of the morning, so everyone was safe in bed. Not so much at 1pm this afternoon though.

The quake was a 6.3, did major property damage – including leveling Christchurchs’ iconic (and beautifully historic) cathedral. Multiple deaths have been confirmed. I’m worried because I have a bunch of friends and colleagues in the area, but naturally the phones are all jammed up, and I’m sure they’ve got far more urgent things to deal with than me calling them to make sure they’re all ok…

It was actually strong enough that I felt it here in Wellington – only I thought that my lack of sleep had finally caught up with me – I was sitting with my forehead pressed to the cool surface of my desk trying to will-away a headache, when I realised the building was swaying gently around me.

I rubbed my eyes, and sat up, sure that I was just imagining things. I guess not.

More info on the most recent Christchurch quake can be found here.

And as for my personal stuff? Well. I have to say it’s not looking as bad as it was before the quake. Something like this really puts things back in perspective, I guess.

Anyway. The other stuff that has me stomping around under a black cloud today: The rain has cometh. This morning I woke up to find instead of sunny hot sticky weather, we have overcast, rainy, muggy weather.

I know about the rain thing, because I got caught out in it wearing a white shirt this morning.

I had TKD last night, and we did sparring, and so I was exhausted. Also: sore. I caught some dude’s heel across my cheek, in a really spectacular reverse turning kick. It hurt.

I’m jealous, because mine are never that fast. Also? Thankful that it didn’t do any lasting damage. For a few minutes there I was worried that I’d have to come to work for the rest of this week with bruising, and a fat lip. (Naturally I have a lot of meetings this week.)

Anyway, as I was leaving TKD, I forgot to pick up my laptop. So I get home at 9.30 pm, and that’s when I realise that I don’t have my fucking laptop.

Then I had a crappy nights sleep because I really REALLY didn’t want to have to replace Cecelia. The power cord alone nearly bankrupted me. Imagine how many black market kidney’s I’d have to sell for the rest of the fricking laptop?

So I got up at the asscrack of dawn (Ok. Fine. 6.50 am.) (Which is PRACTICALLY dawn.) to call the school again – only no one answered because they weren’t in yet, and so I ended up just getting on a bus to Miramar, and going in to see if I could find it myself. Luckily I did. It was absolutely fine and exactly where I left it.

My black mood, however was not appeased. For one? I do not do mornings. Also? I don’t do mornings. And? Mornings suck. Especially when they start at 6.50am.

So by 8.30am this morning I’d already spent about an hour on public transport, and that’s not anyones idea of fun.

Also? That headache is back with a vengeance and I don’t have any painkillers.

And all of this pales in comparison to the events in Christchurch, and yet, I cannot seem to shake myself out of my dark headspace.


15 thoughts on “I think we’re going to have to call this one a failure

  1. Early this morning, six hundred hours (no pun intended) the information was all over the radio. Turned to the web to luckily find your post. I was worried as I didn’t have it clear just how close you were to the episode. (ignorant me).
    Then I turned to http://www.geonet.org.nz only to find out they have registered something like 25000 quake episodes in NZ during 2010 ALONE ( of course, very minor, low low on the scale stuff). Can that be right? I mean, its like you’re on your toes all the time?

    Anyway, selfishly perhaps, I am glad to know you’re Ok. Hope you get to clear the situation with friends and colleagues real soon.

  2. I’m glad you are okay, Shannon. Earthquakes are scary stuff. I’ve never been through an earthquake, just tornadoes.

  3. Sort of makes you think how sometimes one takes some things for granted.

    We don’t ever get tornadoes nor earthquakes. Yet, sometimes, I’ve found myself complaining about the weather…

  4. I’ve been reading about the Christchurch quake from here and felt bad about it as well; there’s always a certain strange kinship one feels for others living in quake zones.

    I hope you’re feeling better by the time you come across this, and I hope your friends and colleagues in Christchurch are all okay and unharmed.

  5. Hello blog friend on the other side of the world,

    I haven’t been living under a rock, but I haven’t been on the internet much, so I just today realized New Zealand was shaken by a major quake. I came to check on you, and I am sooooo happy to know that you are okay. I will pray for your loved ones who live near the quake zone! And, I will be back later to catch up on your blogs. Hugs!

  6. I was thinking of you too this morning, at the ass crack of dawn here in the USA as the news about the Christchurch quake came on. I’m glad you’re OK. Earthquakes are so fucking scary and awful. But as you say, they, along with every form of fatal mayhem, absolutely put a fresh perspective on one’s own little world of trouble.

    Did you make that amazing cloud photo? It’s pretty scary looking.

  7. Ormie: Yeah, Earthquakes are pretty common here in NZ – we’re all very aware that Quakes are what we need to be prepared for here.

    Thoughtsappear: thanks 🙂

    Humanitariakim: Um… JUST tornados?? Wow. I really don’t think there’s any just about it. I mean, earthquakes are almost a monthly event here, but tornados would scare the living heck out of me!

    Nikki: Agreed! I’ll call your boss if you’ll call mine.

    Geekhiker: So far the news on my friends and colleagues seems positive. But still there are lots of people missing, and there are deaths. 😦

    Lickety Splitter: Thanks for checking 🙂 We’re all good though. Sending hopeful positive vibes to Christchurch though.

    David: Thanks David, I agree, the big ones are scary. I hate the noise of them. It’s like the rocks are rearranging themselves inside a blender.
    Nope the photo’s not mine, if you click it it will take you to the site where I *ahem* borrowed it from. A lot of the photos on my blog are from outside sources, so I link to the original site wherever possible 🙂

  8. The thing about tornadoes is they can usually be predicted. Earthquakes, however, show up out of the blue. We are so accustomed to tornadoes in this part of the world that life generally just continues on for the most part even when a warning is put out.

    One sunny afternoon, I was driving down the highway and looked over to my right to see a really large one that had touched down in the field just next to me. I stopped to shoot some video of it for a few minutes before continuing on to my destination.

    Another instance, one Mother’s Day, we were all visiting my mom for the day when storms came in. We went outside to take a peek at the clouds and counted SEVEN tornadoes all around us! SEVEN!

    Luckily, I have never been involved with any of those tornadoes that cause destruction and all.

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