So I shut the door.

I got woken up at 7am this morning by a taxi driver pounding on our door. Naturally my robe is in the wash right now, so I wrapped myself in a towel, and stumbled down the stairs to see what the hell he wanted.

He was all “I’ve come about a credit card payment.”

I was all “And?”

He was all “It’s for Ellen?”

I was standing there in a towel, half asleep, very clearly not Ellen. So I told him that there was no one called Ellen here, and that he needed to try the other flat.

Then he kept saying “Oh are you sure? It’s for Ellen?”

So I simplified matters by shutting the door. Problem solved.


5 thoughts on “So I shut the door.

  1. I love when I get phone calls that say “Is such-and-so there?”, and when I say no, they reply “are you sure?” I always want to say “oh, wait, you’re right! He just moved in! How could I not have noticed?” Instead, though, I usually just hang up the phone…

  2. We played a game once with a wrong number caller. He was all “Hey is Tim there?” and we were all “Oh, yeah, I’ll just get him.” And then we passed the phone off to someone who clearly wasn’t Tim. Then the guy would be all “No, I’m looking for TIM.” and the person on our end would be all “Oh! Tim, Sure hold on a sec, I’ll put him on.”

    Rinse and repeat… It took him a surprisingly long time to hang up on us! Alas, we never found Tim.

  3. I had this one repeat wrong number. I must of gotten 30 calls for Sylvia over the course of a couple of months. And it was the same few people asking for her. It didn’t matter that I told them I had just gotten this new number and that I didn’t now Sylvia; they kept calling. Eventually, I stopped answering and they stopped calling. :\

  4. When I have someone at my door asking for someone I have no clue about I always say “They died” then I shut the door. This also works for bill collectors. Ha!

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