888, and frogs. These things are unrelated.

Hmmm. I don’t really have a set topic in mind to write about tonight. I did notice – as I was trying to find my ‘post ideas’ draft, that I have exactly 888 comments. That’s pretty cool. I love my commenters, and I love that I’ve managed to be sufficiently engaging as to have 888 individual comments.

Each and every one of those comments is kind of amazing, because it means you care enough to go through with thinking of witty/ encouraging words to string into sentences for me.

So thank you.

I do not know how many spam comments I have deleted in my Blogs lifetime, but I’d suspect it’s edging up towards 200. Has anyone else noticed how complimentary spam is these days? Sometimes I just want to approve the penis enlarger spam-bot because he says such very nice things about my site.

Only the fear that I’ll forget that it’s spam and accidentally click on a link that shows me things I can’t unsee has held me off posting spam.

One day even that fear may not be enough. (I like it when people say nice things. Even spam-bots. Which technically aren’t people.)

What else can I gab on about…

Oh! I brought another diary! Because, apparently having a wall planner at work, a flat calender, a personal calender on my inspiration board, my journal where I jot down important things to remember, and my iCal application on my laptop are not enough.

(Yeah. When I said I like organisation… I really -REALLY- meant it.)

This diary has a photo of a frog on it, and it is an Enviro Diary. I’m not exactly sure what makes it an Enviro Diary, but I liked the idea enough to purchase it (at 35% off.) It’s reassuringly weighty, and thick, with a hard cover substantial enough to concuss a potential Diary-mugger. Or a serial killer who happens to lurk in deserted office stairwells. You should definitely always be prepared for those.

It also has a world map in colour on the back page, which is downright awesome because I use it a lot. Mostly so that I know that I’m spelling words like Bahrain right. (Yes. I did just check again.)

Oh! Look! I just found a photo of it online ( I was curious about the Enviro thing.) I am somewhat

suspicious of this diary’s Enviro standing, now though because the website says (and I quote) that this is “a ‘recycle’ style diary”

Why is recycle all in ‘these’ thingies? And why is it recycle style? Instead of just plain recycled?

I am suspicious Mr Frog. I shall conduct a lengthy letter-writing campaign to Debden Diaries in order to obtain Justice. Or my $13.58 back. Or even just a novelty pen.

Why am I so uninspired today? I’m glad you asked blog buddies! I’ve spent most of my day setting up, facilitating, writing minutes, reporting, catering, and cleaning up, a meeting for work.

It’s never just one thing with my job – I have to wear all kinds of hats, which gets downright exhausting. So when I get home after one of these saturday meetings I’m always a bit drained and flaky.

Besides, there’s something about being in an all-day meeting that gets me very in touch with my inner bratty five year old. I even found myself rolling my eyes at one point, and that’s definitely not what an in-control aspiring marketing manager should ever find herself doing. It’s just not particularly professional.

I usually get all stressy before one of these meetings because I know I’m going to be really tired and exhausted after, but this time I had an appointment with my therapist yesterday. I was telling her all about it, and she was like “Ok, so it’s inevitable – you have to go to that meeting. So how are you going to take care of yourself afterwards? What are you going to need that night? The next day? In the week following?”

Which made me think that probably she wasn’t going to be interested in how I was planning on throwing myself into newsletter editing.

I know I tend towards pushing myself too hard and then berating myself when I don’t live up to expectations. My therapist happens to be particularly good at identifying when I’m engaging in this martyr-type behaviour, and drawing my attention to it.

So tomorrow I plan to do very little! I might read a romance novel, or watch a trashy movie, or hit a low impact gym class if my ankle is feeling better. I’m really looking forward to my nothing day!! I’m also super looking forward to my week in Napier. I’m going for a wedding, and along the way I’m going to spend time visiting with friends and being a generally lazy lay-about!

Oh, oh, oh! AND another thing – a rant really. I’ve volunteered my time to something I think is pretty awesome, right? And all I want to know is WHAT I’m volunteering to do, WHERE I need to be, and WHEN I need to show up.  And for some reason, no one can give me an answer on any of those things.

I’m quickly losing patience, because I have a ton of other stuff I’d like to fit into those days that I’m volunteering my time, but I first need to know when I’m busy helping, and when I’m not!!

It’s almost got me at a point where I want to jump up and down and be all:

“Listen I know you’re busy, but I’m busy too, and I’ve offered my time and labour to help you out.
SO. Could I please have some straight answers here, so that I can put some definite times into one of my
(many) diaries!
And if you do not need my help, then that’s cool, just let me know please!!”

Unfortunately I can’t do that.

I think maybe this is my inner organiser rearing her head again. I mean, everything will probably all fall into place at the last second, but I tend to like knowing everything in advance. I hate surprises and last minute stress!

Ok. That wasn’t much of a rant. More of a whinge really!

And finally? I love these original illustrations from Alice in Wonderland book. I like how they make her look like such a stroppy little cow, because a lot of the modern versions make her look like this impossibly good and sweet little ray of fricking sunshine! She was most definitely bad tempered, with a short fuse and a low bullshit tolerance (most people worth knowing have a little of that in them anyway, though.)

So tell me, what has you feeling uninspired and whingey today?


9 thoughts on “888, and frogs. These things are unrelated.

  1. The one and only spam comment I’ve had to date was for a blog encouraging American men to boycott American women. Cos, you know, I’m both a man AND an American… :S

    I was whingy today because I had to waste my afternoon doing bridesmaid duty at a wedding dress fitting (i.e. sitting around doing nothing while the bride had pins stuck into her). But then I went to my colleague’s roller derby debut, which was all kinds of awesome and totally made up for the afternoon of boredom!

    Incidentally, if you want a blog post for your lazy Sunday, I tagged you in something yesterday… 😉

  2. I have three calendars. Oh wait. Four. One in my house, set to current month. Two in my office, one to current month, one to next month. And then one portable one to go between calendars as an updater.

    Um. And the calendar in my e-mail. So. Five.

    So. I might understand you’re being-organized thing.

    But. I have learned I need to take a day off a week. Completely off. To do nothing/errands/nest. It’s the best way to re-charge and be more productive.

    Here’s to being uninspired! At least for a little while!

  3. How do you keep up with so many organiser/calendars? I have 2 – my school planner, and my handbag diary. And I usually only remember to write things in one of them not both – so I am constantly scared I’m going to miss something because I am looking in the wrong place! Because then we have long term plans, weekly plans, term plans, random pieces of paper with dates put in our cubby holes, and a general organiser.

    My organisation ‘thing’ is containers for my classroom. I am always buying plastic containers to tidy it up – yesterday they were half price at Briscoes so I got 5 that are perfect! for stacking school books into, and 3 cute little baskets to put my many pens into. I could spend hundreds. I might have to put this into organising my kitchen with tupperware…

    I don’t have any whinging at the moment (which isnt like me!) its the weekend, and I went out and spent money yesterday, yippee! And now I am on the couch in my PJs with a duvet and food TV

  4. Little Bro: You are awesome 🙂 (but we all knew that anyway.)

    Kirsti: Oh! Exciting!! I love getting tagged for things!! I’m heading over right now to check it out.

    Thoughts: No I haven’t I’m googling RIGHT now (I love google)

    Nikki: So far I’m loving having a day to be nothing, and to do nothing. I’m thinking of maybe making it my Sunday ritual!

    Adey: I do a LOT of double entering. Lots and lots. I love my laptop ical the most, but I don’t always have it with me. I do have my diary with me all the time though. And my wall planner is good for recording ongoing events – like when I’m going to be away from wellington for a week, or when I’ll be working on a long project, or on leave or something.

    And I love organisational hardware!! I’m always browsing the uber cool stuff at iko iko trying to figure out when I’m going to need rose printed manilla folders, and desk organisers shaped like bouquets of flowers.

  5. You must already be organized or you wouldn’t be able to write a brilliant blog post every day! Considering the state of my own naff blog, I should just chuck it and call it a day.

  6. The volunteer thing sucks – but I see they called today, so maybe it’s less stressful now that you know what you’re doing and when? I hope so!

    I get annoyed with my friends when they do that – like we’ll make plans to go for dinner, but no one will bother to decide what day, time, or place! Drives me CRAZY. I end up taking charge!

  7. Winter in general has me feeling uninspired and gloomy. Whiny, in fact. Almost downright cranky. If we don’t get some consistent warmth and sunshine up here I am going to throw a tantrum, setting a bad example for my small children.

    ..I would have bought the journal, too, just because I am helpless in the face of small, cute frogs.

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