Three Beautiful Things

1. Sneaking into my flatties bedroom to hang up the Cleo Bachelor of the Year Calender 2011 behind her door – The Te Aro Mansion has been a bit stressy and tired all round lately, so I like making my super flatties laugh when I can.

2. Getting back into the gym, and staying to do my ENTIRE planned workout (rather than just the first twenty minutes, and leaving just as it starts to get exhausting.)  I’m glad I stayed to do the whole thing, because it’s done a lot for my mood over the past two days. I’m even feeling kind of chipper. Sometimes.

The key here is that every time I think about leaving early I remember the article I read on fitness training that talked about how we can usually do a LOT more than we think we can when working out. So when I start thinking I’m done (right around the 20 minute mark) I think about that article and decide OK ten minutes more. And once I’m 30 minutes in, I think that it would be a shame not to do the full hour. Once that full hour is over? Well then I’m usually feeling much more energetic, and positive about the whole experience, so I’ll stay and do another 30 minutes or so, and actually enjoy it!

That first bit is always the hardest though! It feels like having to force myself through a brick wall – ie. Painful, and impossible.

3. Eating home cooked meals. I have lamb shanks in the slow-cooker for tonight when I get home after my workout. Exciting!



6 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things

  1. I love all of those things! I love “super flatties”! Being able to laugh is a wonderful thing.
    I too, am a chronic “leave when it gets tiring” gal. I’ll have to use your mindset trick. 🙂

    Now I’m also thinking of cooking dinner rather than heating up a frozen dinner. mmmm Enjoy your lamb and keep up the awesome workouts! Glad it helps you feel better!

  2. Keep up the awesome workouts! Getting to the gym and through the first thirty minutes is always hard–> kudos!

    Now I am all inspired to drag myself there today, despite being awake forever. Even an easy workout is better than none, and once there, there’s always some surprising energy burst!

  3. I always tell myself that I’m going to work out for at least 20 minutes, and then I’ll decide if I want to keep going. 99% of the time I do keep going for 45 mins or an hour. Feels great!

    I really need to do more of #3.

  4. My problem at the gym is not so much that I feel tired after 20 minutes, but that after twenty minutes I’m tired of feeling like the most out-of-shape guy there. Seriously, when the gym is empty, working out for a solid hour is no problem whatsoever…

  5. I’m currently addicted to endorphins as well! It’s true, once you get through the first stretch you feel like you can keep going forever.

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