Weekends are my favorite kind of ‘ends’

Shannon Steven (2009)

Jasmyne wanders into the lounge where I am engrossed in a reality show about magazine stylists. “Do you want to come to the supermarket?” She knows to ask, because I love going to the supermarket. Especially when I don’t have to do any grocery shopping.

I do my best to look casual, like I’m actually considering saying no – it doesn’t work. Instead I bounce up off the couch with an excited “Alright!” If I were any more exited I’d be punching the air.

Jasmyne proceeds to laugh at me saying “I love it how you tried to play cool.”

OK. Fine. So I happen to love the supermarket. Have you ever gone, and just wandered through the isles, and looked at the new products? It’s great! I get some of my best cooking ideas from trips where I don’t buy anything.

Another thing I make a point of doing is scouring the cookie isle for any sign of the mythical double chocolate cookie with a soft chocolate centre. So far I’ve been I’ve had no luck in tracking them down – I was gifted a box of them by Dad and Lisa for Christmas this year, and it was seriously love at first sight.

The day that I find them I’ll buy a trolley-full, and take out a full page ad in the NZ Herald praising double chocolate cookies with soft chocolate centers. (Obsessed? Me? Never!)

(Besides. I prefer to think of it as focused.)

So I’m totally excited about the next few weeks! This week I have a bit of work, and then the Taekwon Do World Champs are coming here, and I get to watch! Wo! This must be what people who get excited about sports feel like when they get to watch the All Blacks play in the Rugby World Cup finals? Who knows. It’s not like I’ve ever really been a fan of sports in general.

And after the Taekwon Do stuff, I’ve got a week off work, where I’m visiting some of my favorite people in Napier! (Also Roxy the puppy!) I love having an excuse to hang out in the Hawkes Bay.

I’m also trying to decide whether I want to walk up to the botanic gardens today… Hills suck, but the excercise and photography excuses would make it worth it…. Or I could go to the gym, which is essentially the same thing, but without the pretty flowers. Hm.

Or I could do it tomorrow? Yes. I think that’s a plan. I’ll make a day-trip out of it, and pack lunch!


9 thoughts on “Weekends are my favorite kind of ‘ends’

  1. I’m currently trying to persuade myself to go into the city and do some shopping. It’s not going so well. Mostly, the lazy part of me is arguing that I could combine that with a trip to the supermarket tomorrow and therefore only need to leave the house once. It probably doesn’t help that I didn’t wake up until 11.00!!

    And I’m sure they’re not *exactly* what you’re looking for, but you could give these a go:
    (Okay, I was totally going to post a link there to my recipe for double chocolate chip cookies. But apparently I NEVER POSTED IT. I took all the photos in February 2010 and then never actually did anything with them. Fail. Oh well. Something to do this afternoon instead of going shopping!!)

  2. Your post made me think that wife does exactly that and I’m always pushing her to get done with the isle wandering. Next time I should have a more understanding attitude. 🙂

  3. You have totally brightened my day with this post! I just finished shopping for groceries-now I’ll cook something to celebrate this post. 🙂

  4. They might be the same cookies Karlie got from Countdown the other week. If you don’t find some before you come, we will take you there!

    We are very excited about your arrival! You will be amazed at how much Roxy has grown! (Still naughty though…)

  5. Excuse me. I can’t even get to the double-chocolate with chocolate centers. We don’t even have Tim Tams.

    Please send Tim Tams.

  6. Ironically, I’ve been avoiding going to the supermarket lately… it just seems like a big hassle!

    If you find the cookies, I think you should send them to all your blog friends. Or would you make me come to NZ to pick up my own box?

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