Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies with a soft gooey centre. (Feel free to drool a little.)

Harvest Kitchen Soft Centres

Image Courtesy of Harvest Kitchen (2010)

Oh. My. God.

Alright. Calm down. Everybody calm down!

I’m going to preface all of this by saying that I’m having the worst cramps today. I know. I know. Too much information. Especially on a post about cookies.

Anyways. Worst cramps ever, and I’m hurrying to the letter box because I have to get to work, and I wanted to be there early today, because I have a meeting for the volunteer thing later, and ahhhh-

There. Is. A. Package.

Addressed to me!!

I love packages addressed to me!

Unfortunately I didn’t have any time to open it so I popped it in my oversize bag, and power-walked to work.

Then I forgot about The Package until I met Louise for lunch in the park. And when I remembered The Package, I tore into it with my teeth because I had a sneaking suspicion that it was a Cookie Shaped Package, and the aforementioned cramps make me a little impatient. Hence TEETH.

And? I was right. My Dad – My AWESOME Dad, managed to track down another box of triple chocolate cookies. Then he posted them to me. And they arrived right in time for me to tear open with my teeth and share with everyone I came in contact with today.

I’ve now turned Louise, Becks, and Jasmyne into soft centre cookie lovers.

Also? I found their facebook page. Yeah. They have a facebook page. I ‘like’d them. I’d ‘like’ them more than once if I could.

Also? I found their website, and I’m thinking of writing a fan letter to them all about how I love them, and their triple chocolate cookies, and about how I’m thinking to move to Australia, so that I can be closer to their cookies. Maybe that’s going too far? Hmm. Probably. I wouldn’t want to freak anyone out.

Perhaps I’ll just send them naked photos of me eating cookies, along with my address and phone number.

In conclusion? Today is a good day.



7 thoughts on “Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies with a soft gooey centre. (Feel free to drool a little.)

  1. So, you’ll be sending all of your lovely readers cookies, right?

    Or, maybe I’ve found two new reasons to move to New Zealand: 1) those cookies and 2) apparently women in New Zealand are prone to pose naked with cookies. Sounds good to me. 😉

  2. Those. Look. Delicious!
    You should send them a letter! Once I called the questions/comments number on a box of cookies and they sent me coupons even though I was just being a 12-year-old ass. So imagine what they’d do for you if you’re being a wonderful unknown-year-old awesome person!

  3. Shan, your first stop on Monday HAS to be Countdown. And your last stop, so you can take boxes and boxes of them back with you. Fill Kris’ car with em even!
    I bet they are even mroe awesom warmed slightly in the microwave… with a mini scoop if icecream on top… mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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