Basically this is a post about why I didn’t post earlier. And Pirate Mini-Golf.

Wo! I’m off for a holiday this Saturday! It’s not quite as awesome as what Becks it up to right now – she’s in Rarotonga having an impromptu week off. Bitch.

(I kid, I kid. I wish her all the best. On her tropical island holiday, with Mikey the Awesome – who won free accommodation.)

(In Rarotonga.)

(For both of them.)


Anyway, no posting yesterday, because I’ve been pretty busy here in Wellington with a combination of work, and super fun Taekwon Do stuff. I got to watch the first two days of the World Champs here in New Zealand – at ringside no less – because I’m doing a little volunteering to help out the amazing organisers.

I enjoyed the heck out of myself because I was on a patterns ring both days and my job was to just double check that each competitor was arriving with the marshals when they needed to, and passing on their ID to the officials. That’s it! The rest of the time I got to watch world class black belts competing – and guys? That’s so not work.

Patterns are my favorite thing about Taekwon Do, so seeing New Zealand take the gold for 1st Dan Senior Female… That was pretty awesome. Plus some of the time the designated pattern was one of the ones I know, and it’s always awesome seeing someone else do ‘your’ pattern, to pick up tips, and tricks, and see how the champs do it!

I’m not sure I’ll ever have the body type, fitness, or skill level required to be a black belt, but I’d sure like to give it a shot one day, just so that I can have a chance to learn some of those patterns…

Oh, and also? ALL those blackbelts I saw today could totally do the splits. There were a couple that were just kind of sitting like that chilling out and chatting with their coaches, before they went into the ring. I mean, if I was doing the splits, I’d be whimpering – or something equally badass – because I’m pretty sure there’d have to be a pretty severe medical emergency to allow my body to be in that position. Like torn ligaments.

I think I should take up yoga.

Finally? I’m getting a lift with Louise and Kris to Feilding (I’m going to drop in for a day or two before I head on up to Napier) and Louise was telling me the other day that they’ll be here at 8.30am in Saturday to pick me up.

I kind of stared at her for a second before asking why? (Because 8.30 is early!) And she was all “Because we have to stop at pirate mini-golf. Yarr.”

Of course. Yarr!


7 thoughts on “Basically this is a post about why I didn’t post earlier. And Pirate Mini-Golf.

  1. Pirate mini-golf? I expect, nay, I DEMAND pictures!

    Sounds like an awesome time at the tournament. I don’t see any reason you couldn’t rise to black belt someday yourself. Like most things in life (and this is a problem I have, too), it’s probably more you holding yourself back from the idea than anything else. Like I said, though, I freely admit to doing that too!

    You know what’s fun about your blog? I get to look up places like “Feilding” on Google Maps and dream of having airline miles… or a bottomless credit card!

  2. From one black belt to potentially another, you can sooo do it! It’s (believe me on this) all in the mind! That, and fitness. Lol. Would love to come back as someone who could do the splits! Check out Jean-Claude Van Damme sometime. He use to do ballet before he started acting, then fighting.
    Good luck with the Pirate golf. See there is such a thing as 8am!
    See you soon.

  3. PLEASE tell me you’re going to post picture of pirate mini golf. That’s pretty much the coolest thing ever!

    Also, me doing anything remotely resembling the splits would DEFINITELY require a visit to hospital and some ligament/muscle/tendon reattachment. So you’re not alone on that front!

  4. I’m with the crowd in asking for pirate pictures!

    I love yoga! Even when I fall down due to bad balance! 🙂 I hope you like it! If you don’t, just practice splits until you’re doing it! 😀

  5. Hope you whack a ball through a pirate’s mouth if you pirate mini-golf. (Or am I missing a subtle double meaning. I’m a bit oblivious at times.)

    Have a grand break. Come back soon and bring snapshots!

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