Pirate Mini golf photos – as requested.

So yesterday I went to pirate mini golf Yarr!! They have a pirate ship, that you play mini golf on! There’s also a pirate chained up in the bowels of the ship somewhere who drunkenly raves about being set free, while you try to concentrate on your shot. Talk about distracting!

There’s even an authentic blue pirate waterfall.

And nasty bilge-water looking stuff around the harbor where the pirate ship is moored. This is authentic too, because back in pirate days, there were very little controls on where and when you could dump er… bilge… into the sea.

What? I obviously know what I’m talking about.

Ok. Fine. I have no IDEA what I’m talking about. It’s really early in the morning, and I don’t feel very rested at the moment, because I was woken up by the phone, and felt obliged to get up and be social with Dad and Lisa.

Also? It’s too early for researching pirate sea waste dumping, and historical port and harbor water quality control laws.

Yarr. ‘Tis early ye mangey bilge rats!

Also? Dad and Lisa’s new place is really nice. They tend to move every so often, and I usually only find out after the fact – or when I call right as they’re about to unplug the phone, and they’re all like ‘oh. Yeah, we’re moving again. Sorry got to go, the truck is here, and we need to unplug the phone.’

I try not to take it too personally.

I mean, they’d call me and tell me that they’d moved… eventually… Right?

This is Louise and Kris considering the green. They both beat the pants off me. I got a 69.. Apparently that’s about 29 above par.

OR, if you look at Kris’s score, and my score, he went round the course once, and I have enough shots on my score card to have gone around TWICE.

I find Mini Golf frustrating. I have to actively remind myself that hitting things with my metal sticky thing wouldn’t be good sportsman ship. (Although I have serious doubts as to whether Mini Golf can be considered a sport.)

This is a cave full of shiny gold things and stuff. It’s all locked up though. I wonder if they unlock it for the kiddies parties that they hold out here sometimes? Maybe you get to play in here if you get a hole in one on every single hole or something?

Louise and Kris shooting golf in a dark cave. A dark WET cave. it was very atmospheric. This place has a 6 shot limit. I gave up at seven.

Mostly because there was two groups of kids behind me getting impatient. Also because the urge to hit things was growing.

In conclusion: It’s really early and I’m tired. Also Pirate Mini Golf is fun, unless you’re the one who’s losing. Yarr.

Ugh. I need a nap. (Yes. It is only 9am. Technically I’m not sure if that is considered a nap or just a sleep in…)


7 thoughts on “Pirate Mini golf photos – as requested.

  1. Pirate minigolf looks like fun! (Even if it was stupidly frustrating…) I have much the same problem with giving up after however many shots. I think mostly my problem is not being able to work out whether I should be playing left handed or right handed!! (I’m left handed, but played hockey for years, so it seems more natural to have the golf club/cricket bat/random other piece of sporting equipment on my right…)

  2. Arrrr, yer missen the point, matey! The point of pirate min-golf isn’t who wins and who walks the plank, it’s making fun of yer friends and ‘talkin pirate-like the who way through to Davy Jones’ Locker. Arrrrrr…

  3. There are 2 pirate mini golf courses within a mile of the Florida condo my husband and I go to for our vacations. The first time we found them, we were honestly giddy. Being from a snowy, cold-arse town and vacationing in Florida, you’d think the sun or the beach or the temps would be my favorite part of the vacation, but nope, it’s always the pirate mini golf. Totally can’t be beat…

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