This post is almost completely unrelated to the pictures of the bunny. I just like bunnies.

I love Napier. I love that when I’m in Napier, I’m on holiday in Napier. There’s something so… Relaxing… about being on holiday!

I sometimes don’t think to stop and take stock of my stress levels until after the fact, so looking back now I can see that these last few weeks have been a little stressy.

Nothing a good break can’t cure though!

Especially when I’m spending it with one of my favorite herbivores! I’m also spending it with some of my favorite people in the world, in one of my favorite climates.

Life is good right now.

I’m still stressy over medication, and weight, and not being able to get enough of the kind of exercise I want… But just being on holiday seems to make all these little stresses so much less than they were before.

Today I got up and did a little patterns practice and flexibility work for Taekwon Do – I can tell you right now that it’s not much fun doing patterns on concrete. There’s something about scraping my feet on pebbles that distracts the heck out of me. Nevertheless it felt good to get moving again.

Also? If I keep up my flexibility work, maybe sometime in 20 years or so I’ll be able to nearly do the splits!

After my house-full of awesome hosts had all gone to work I played with the puppy, watched cartoons, and did a little reading. Then Roxy napped in her kennel and I let Toby out to play in the grass while I took photos.

(What? I’ve never had a bunny to photograph before!)

(Also? Floppy ears are cute.)

(It’s a scientific fact.)

Then I played puppy preschool with Roxy, working on her heel, sit, shake, roll over, and her leap around yelping indignantly because I won’t give over the treat already. She’s very good at that last one.

Then we both napped in the lounge. On our bellies. One of us snored, and it wasn’t me.

(Boy I love holidays.)

Tomorrow I get to go to school with Adrienne and help a class of five year olds make rice babies. I’m not really very good with kids, but recently I’ve been making an effort to at least pretend I’m comfortable in the same room as the little people. I figure it’s a valuable life skill to at least pretend to have.

I’m still deciding whether I want them to call me Ms Steven, or Ms Shannon, or Ms Awesome. If I go with Ms Awesome, I could tell them all that my first name is Totally. And that right there would be the fulfillment of a life-long dream.

Or I could go completely out of the box and get them to call me Agent Steven. Kids don’t question stuff like this. I’ll just tell them all I’m a spy and if I tell them why I’m here, and who I’m working for, I’d have to… Er… wait. That wouldn’t be a good thing to tell a class full of young kids actually.

Oh! Or I could just get them to call me ‘Badass’. LIke ‘Madonna’, but cooler. (Except ‘ass’ isn’t really a word you want to tell a five year old to use, right?)

Hmmm. Choices, choices…

I also get to go help out with the makeup for 42nd street. I went last night too, and after watching for a few minutes felt confident enough to jump on in and do a few faces of my own. It’s really crazy how much makeup you have to cake onto someone to have them look dramatic and stage-ready!!

Toby is disgusted by it all!! Hehe. I’m actually hoping to take along my camera tomorrow night, to grab a few snaps of the makeup room. Do you think anyone will mind? I hope not!

It’s kind of fascinating to watch all the actors transform!


6 thoughts on “This post is almost completely unrelated to the pictures of the bunny. I just like bunnies.

  1. My opinion is this: In our culture, we do not take holidays/breaks/time off seriously enough. We do not understand that it is a very critical part of being a productive, successful, HAPPY individual. We should change that.

    Adorable bunnies and puppies should also be included.

  2. Oh, I see how it is. You looked at my blog and thought “wow, this guy does nothing but work and study. I should totally do a post of my amazing holiday!” Yeah, thanks for that. :-\

    Okay, FINE, the beagle pictures are cute. Happy, now? 😉

    (Actually, kidding aside, I totally agree with Nikki in regards to vacations. Hey, Nikki, wanna take an extended vacation to NZ to visit LP? LOL)

  3. Sweet time and remember, don;t leave marks on the kids. That kind of evidence will bite back. lol

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