It’s official. I’m an adult.

5 year olds are faster than me.

Whew, by the time I got back to the Shannon Room yesterday I was so tired, that all I had the energy to do was load up my ‘New Post’ page and stare at it.

Yeah. That tired.

It was good tired though.

I went with Adrienne to her school, and got to play assistant in her classroom – she’s a teacher, and has a class of five year olds. She introduced me as Ms Steven, and all day it was “Ms Steven I drew you a heart.” “Ms Steven I like horses.” “Ms Steven, I made a present for you! It’s the paper that I cut the heart out of.”

And you know what? Every single time someone called me Ms Steven, I had to resist the urge to look around for an adult. I get that same urge every time someone calls me Ms Steven, or Ma’am at Taekwon Do.

My Days work: the maize babies.

We read a book about pirates, and then Adey and I put together these fabric babies, full of rice, and corn, that weighed the same as each of the kids did when they were born. They’re going to use them to look at weight, and also as a responsibility project… Like, have you ever read that book Flour Babies? By… Anne Fine? (I think!) The same kind of idea applies for these ones.

Then I got to read a book about a kid called George. Then I stapled and cut things, and drew stuff on the whiteboard. It was great fun.

I never get to have craft hour, read picture books, and draw things on the whiteboard at work.

Shannon Was Here.

After that Adey and I hit the salon, and got pedicures. (I got told off for cutting my nails too short!)

(But I have to cut them that short, otherwise I might scratch someone at TKD!)

(And then there’d be blood and tears – er, mine – and then I’d probably throw up or faint.)

(I never said I was tough.)

After the pedicure (with the grabby chairs) we went and did makeup again at the theatre. Much fun was had!!

By the time we were all done I was EXHAUSTED though. I came home, ate chicken salad and lollies, and then crawled off to the Shannon Room. The intention was to blog… But… Ah… yeah. That didn’t happen!

If you look closely you can see that I'm actually exhausted RIGHT to the tips of my frizzy hair.

Today is Leslea and Daymon’s wedding. I’m kind of excited about it all but I have lingering questions about whether my boobs are going to fit into my dress properly – I don’t have the right bra here, so I had to go buy one, and the bodice was pretty snug already, so if the bra that I brought has too much padding, then the bodice won’t zip.

It’s all very scary. I haven’t tried it on yet though, because I’d really rather not know. If it doesn’t zip, then I have a backup dress in my bag, so all will be ok. I’ll just be gutted, because I really like the original dress. It’s pretty!

I’ve never been to a wedding for someone in my age group before either – I’m totally excited! This will be my first friend to get married, and she has a baby on the way too! She’s a proper grown-up!

It seems – like it or not – Twenty Five is actually a grown up age. Adjusting to being an adult is hard sometimes.

When did it first dawn on you that you were an adult?


7 thoughts on “It’s official. I’m an adult.

  1. Can’t remember myself, but I do remember the first time I knew you were an adult.
    We came to Wellington to visit you at the beehive (House of Parliment) and you walked
    down past the security guards to greet us. WOW. That was a moment that I will never forget!
    Glad you’re having fun. lu

  2. I refuse to believe I’m an adult. And I’m turning 28 at Easter! I’ve never been to a wedding either, so bridesmaiding on Sunday will be something of a baptism by fire – apparently all my friends are late marriers or something… 😉

    Congrats on surviving a day surrounded by five year olds – I’m exhausted after dealing with my nearly six year old niece for a day, so I can’t imagine how bad it is after an entire classroom of children!!

  3. Hmmm an adult? I can play pretend adult quite well and be aaaall responsible and do all things that a grown-up is expected to do… but seriously I still cannot say what I want to be when I grow up. I still prefer yapping with friends over a few bottles of wine. Kids exhaust me and marriage is so off the chart it is not even funny. Am always happy for my friends when they take the steps for marriage and kids though. 🙂

    Am impressed you survived a whole day of five year olds!

  4. Love this post. Sounds like a fun and exhausting day!

    I realized I was an adult the day I made a budget, cleaned my bathroom, and cooked dinner and found it all to be relaxing. 🙂

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