Sometimes I obsess over truly stupid things.

This afternoon I signed in to my email acount to find an email asking for a flat meeting tonight.

I immediately start to wonder if I’m about to be kicked out of the flat. I mean, I haven’t actually been here in the last week, and there’s been no indication that I will ever be kicked out of the flat, but meetings make me uneasy.

I also find an hour or two to obsess about about the shower. I wonder if any one else has noticed that I haven’t cleaned it. Should I clean it now? Before the meeting? BUT if I clean it now, and they hadn’t already noticed that It was dirty, will they notice that I didn’t clean it before now if it’s suddenly clean the hour before the flat meeting?

Hmm. To clean or not to clean.

(Yes. I actually put real thought into this.)

(An hours worth of real thought.)

(I have WAY too much time on my hands.)

I end up cleaning it because.. Well it is dirty, and this way I can be all “Huh? What? I clean it all the time, see look!”

Then I cleaned the toilet, and found some of that toilet duck stuff that sticks on the side of the loo without a cage. And I was like, “Oh Yeah, I should use this! Why do I never use this?”

So I  used the weird little backwards plunger thing, and stuck a glob of it on the side of the loo bowl. This is when I remember that I DON’T use the weird cageless loo stuff it because it looks like a big green glob of radioactive snot in the toilet bowl.

Then one of the flatties came home and I faux-casually leaned against the kitchen counter while asking whether she knew what the meeting was about. The flattie shrugged and said something about the agenda.

Yeah. I didn’t read the agenda.

“So. Do you think it’s about the shower at all? Or the toilet?”

The flatmate doesn’t take me very seriously at all – or if she is taking me seriously she’s not tipping her hand ahead of the meeting. She doesn’t say anything about whether I need to clean the bathroom more often.

I nervously go wipe down the bathroom bench, and polish the tap. Then while I’m waiting for 6.30pm to arrive I quickly dust the window stills and skirting boards. Maybe I should also polish the mirror?

It’s not like they’d ask me to leave over a slightly smudgy mirror, though. Right? Only I can’t find the glass cleaner. Using non-glass cleaner would leave streaks! (Panic, obsess, worry.)

It tuns out the flat meeting had very little to do with the bathroom anyway.


8 thoughts on “Sometimes I obsess over truly stupid things.

  1. Ugh, I hate cleaning the shower. And the bathroom in general. I’m not opposed to cleanliness; all than kneeling down is just hard on my knees. Which is why my bathroom isn’t always the neatest, but my kitchen looks amazing!

    So, you still have a home, right? One thing I have to admit I like about living alone: no stressful meetings!

  2. Haha, eah I still have a home – the flatties would never kick me out unless I stopped paying bills. I just tend to blow things out of proportion when I’m obsessing.

  3. Well we’re girls, so it;s not GROSS. There was just some soap scum on the glass walls that I needed to clean off to make them shiny again.

    And: We’re girls so there is no funk. Just sparkles and rainbow dust. Also flowers.

  4. Oh my God, you have *no* idea how glad I am to find out that I’m not the only one who freaks out about nothing. A friend told me last year that she was organising a surprise for me, and that she wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not. I stressed about it for THREE MONTHS…

    It’s no wonder I started going grey at the age of 18!!

  5. Captain Obvious here … if they were not small things then overattending to them would not be obsessive, right?

    Don’t worry, at some point a big thing will come along and kick your butt and that will put all the small shit into perspective.

    Life is Good. 🙂

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