The wedding went pretty well over the weekend.

Leslea looked beautiful (and seven months pregnant!), Daymon looked proud, and starry eyed, and they had the ceremony at the Botanic Gardens, so it was really picturesque. Then that evening we went to the reception at the Yacht club, and had a good time goofing around and dancing.

Leslea did the bouquet throw thing, and somehow I ended up in a crowd of unmarried ladies – and a few who I’m SURE had husbands at the beginning of the night. The bouquet landed comfortably far from me, in the arms of a woman who had been telling me all about how the right man left her with two babies, and actually he was married to someone else, so possibly her definition of right was off… Anyway, She waved her flowers around triumphantly shrieking about how she’d never won anything in her life, and about how she was going out clubbing later. Presumably to find the right right man.

At some point Adey and I decided to go off and take a million photos of ourselves channeling some 42nd Street glamour. I don’t really know why I was surprised to see those shots show up on facebook at 7am the next morning.

I’ve got to say, there’s nothing more terrifying in life, than signing on to facebook, in order to be confronted with “You have been tagged in 107 photos.” Cue cold sweat and panic.

Thankfully I’m not a big drinker, so I generally don’t find anything too incriminating/ hideously embarrassing online after a night out.

I headed back to Wellington on Sunday after a deliciously decadent brunch. I was carpooling with Louise and Kris, and Ben…. And honestly? I got in the car, wrapped myself in a silky scarf, balled up my favorite big warm sweatshirt, and slept pretty solidly until Wellington.

I must be getting old because if you put me into a moving car I’ll fall asleep within minutes. I never used to be able to do that as a kid, because car sickness had me staring at the horizon with the focus of a small queezy serial killer – sometimes I’d even stick my face out the open window, to wind-blast myself into not throwing up. Thankfully these days I only feel gross if I try reading in a moving vehicle.

(And yet I’ll still try it every couple of months on the bus – despite knowing better!)

Adey took me along to do the makeup one last time before I left on Saturday… It was a matinée performance, so we were able to sneak in to wach the first half… and I was a little disappointed. I usually like musicals – and I really loved getting a behind the scenes look at this one, but 42nd Street doesn’t really have a great plot, and the music wasn’t really that catchy. Add to that the cast was having a bit of an off day… And my overall response was a bit: Meh.

I did really like the opening tap number that was fun. And the dancing was pretty amazing!

Its supposedly coming to Wellington later on this year, but I don’t think I’ll go.

Finally? I confirmed my appointment at the gym tomorrow. Have I told you guys about it? I can’t remember!

I was talking to Mum about how much trouble I’m having with my weight and fitness at the moment, and Mum being Mum, jumped online to see if she could find something that would help me kickstart my year, and manage my nutrition, medication, and workout goals.

She found me a 12 Week Challange with a gym down the road from my house, and signed me up – THEN she phoned to tell me what she’d done. She was excited about the massages, I’m excited about the personal trainer.

8.45am tomorrow morning I’m meeting with a consultant, and we’re going to get started with twice weekly personal training, weekly nutritionist appointments, weekly massages, progress reporting… and other stuff. Like planned workouts, and access to all their group classes.

Tomorrows meeting is not a moment too soon, because although I did fit into my dress for the wedding it was a tight fit! I put my current gym membership on hold for three months, while I do the challenge (Saving some $$ in the mean-time) and I’m so ready to workout it’s not funny.

I’ve never actually craved a run before. This is a new, and unsettling experience.

(That being said, I’m craving a SHORT run. I’m fairly certain this particular urge is more about getting moving and sweating than it is about running,because: Ew.)

What are you craving today?


5 thoughts on “Wedding

  1. I dunno… I’m pretty much terrified at the thought of any photo of myself on FB. Yeah, I hate being in front of the camera THAT much…

  2. Great that the wedding went well.
    Would love for you to post progress reports on the gym thing.

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