Cautiously optimistic…

Well. I started my 12 week challenge today… They weighed and measured me and gave me the hard word about sugar and alcohol. I have to write down everything that I eat for the next 12 weeks, in great detail.

I’m a little worried because the boxes that they give you to write all this food in are really small. Meaning I either have to write in teeny tiny handwriting, or they’re actually expecting me to only eat as much as I can fit into the writing space.


I have a feeling that this is an indication of things to come.

I also have to cut out most processed foods, sugar, and alcohol. (At least that last one will be easy!) I have a funny feeling that this is going to mean my food bill gets a little higher than I’m really going to like.

I also got my weights programme which seems… Short. And I’m expected to do 20 minutes of cardio every day. Thankfully cardio has a wider definition than ‘running’ so I can use the bikes, the cross trainer things, or I can climb stairs, or row, or power walk up the hill to university and back… For 20 minutes… So four times in a row…


I’m also excited because they do have a couple of boxing bags lying around, so I can still get my angry on. I’m also allowed to do the classes, and I get my personal training twice a week…

Only it seems that they don’t have enough spots for personal training at this stage, so I actually don’t even get my first session until the 31st. My consultant is going to go away and figure something out, because I’m really not sure that’s good enough. I mean, by then I should have already had three, because I’m supposed to get two each week.

AND another thing, right at the end I realised she hadn’t mentioned anything about the 20 minute massage that the email says I’m supposed to get every week.. And since I have to report back to Mum, and that’s the first thing she’ll ask, I asked how I book in for that, and the consultant kind of tips her head on the side and frowns like I’ve just asked her if she’ll be baking me cookies.

It turns out my consultant has no idea about the massages. She’s going to check back with her boss and find out what the deal is…

Personally I could take-or-leave the massages, but if they advertised them, then they should definitely provide them!

Progress report: I’m a little unsure of how it’s all going, but I am cautiously optimistic. The science, and the program seem pretty solid, and not too airy fairy. In fact, It seems strict, which is good, because I respond pretty well to having expectations and rules set by someone else. (I don’t really tend to follow my own.) Ā 
Activity Report: I’m going to workout for the first time tonight after work. I don’t really think a 5 minute warm up, and half a weights program is worth reporting on, right?
Weight lost: 0 kgs-Ā I mean I DID only start 4 hours ago.
Body Fat: 40.5% – Is anyone else horrified?Ā I’m horrified.


7 thoughts on “Cautiously optimistic…

  1. Oh, no, I must have the massage. I bet they try to stiff you on them. They’ll say they meant “messages”. They would be happy to take messgages should you get any.

    I’ve had no luck with dieting myself. If my body knows I’m on one it rebels.

  2. Extra SUPER fit… What gym is this with? I think my old gym was doing something like this a while ago.

  3. Tricia: Yeah, I’m still waiting to hear from them on the massage stuff. And I feel the same about dieting. I’ve never had any luck with it before because I HATE being hungry.

    Miss McCracken: And less fatty. I’m pretty sure I’m more %fat than %organs. That’s scary!

    Sarah k: Contours šŸ™‚ It’s not my regular gym – I go to Les Mills, so I’ve put that membership on hold for now.

  4. Yeah you. Don’t let them skimp you out of the massages! Advertising is key to their share of the market. If they lie about that, then they’re in a whole lot of pooh.
    Enjoy (as I know you will).

  5. I try to eat reasonably healthy but, dammit, I will NOT give up beer!

    Guess it’s a good thing I’m such a lightweight I only need 1 or 2 when I go out with my friends, huh? šŸ™‚

  6. Sounds like a cool challenge. Will be interesting to hear about the progress and if they can determine what is actually the trigger for you to loose weight etc.

    Good luck! šŸ™‚

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