The Internet is Badass and Awesome.

So my Inspirational Jar of awesome says that I need to share some totally badass things, some just plain bad things that I’ve found online lately. Ha. Cake.

So Freaking Badass:

I’ve found loads of cool new stuff online lately!

Like I found this thing where you can build a WILD version of yourself. First you build you normal every-day boring self:

Meh. Boooorrring.

Then you Go Wild! And get all mutanty with it:

Man, I LOVE the zoo. Zoo’s are AWESOME.

Click here to Build Your Wild Self.

And my second totally badass thing, is this TOTALLY not safe for work game.

It’s called adventures in Sex City, and it’s all about STD’s and Safe  Sex, and it’s by a Health Unit in Middlesex-London.

First you pick a sexually themed character, then you fight this big scary dude with *ahem* male parts for hands. He shoots rabid STD infected er fluid at you, and you have to answer questions about Chlamydia and HIV right in order to block the *ahem* rabid STD infected fluid with your condom shield.

Enough said. It’s hilarious, and such an awesome idea for getting young adults to pay attention.

Click here to laugh your ass off at it’s badassery. But NOT if you’re at work.

Just Plain Bad:

Something not so cool: I found an article in the Independent (via Gala Darling) about Dubai. It’s a city built on the backs of slaves, and gross Human Rights infringements. Also? It’s an Eco disaster! It is pretty much the definition of building against the environment, in an arid desert that causes desalination plants to belch out huge clouds of carbon dioxide in the effort to keep it’s inhabitants (both plants and people) living.

Read the totally fascinating article here.

6 thoughts on “The Internet is Badass and Awesome.

  1. I really wanted to show you the one that I built but it won’t let me post a link to it! Oh… unless I email it… Yes, I’ll email it to you!

  2. Er. And I’m not talking about the sex game, I’m talking about the animal thing. *blush*

  3. Um. Wild Shannon and Wild Sarah are pretty much awesome.

    On the ass-bad (instead of of bad-ass) side of things, I can’t even read the article on Dubai. I already know enough to know it’ll just make me angry/depressed. Sometimes I wonder how this world still supports the human race, and how the human race still supports the human race for that matter, and think it’s only a matter of time…

    This would be why I spend a whole ton of money on local food and ride my bike everywhere. Once it actually STOPS snowing.

  4. Actually, I kinda like the first picture. The look on the face, the hands spread out in a calming motion: everything about the picture screams a bad-ass “Whoa, whoa, whoa, people. Don’t worry. I got this.”

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