Personal Training, sweat, and SUGAR WITHDRAWAL.

So I had my first personal training session today. We did boxing, and lots of core strength stuff.

The boxing was great because part of this programme is all about detoxing off sugar. Before Monday, my diet was something like 20% sugar. I’m a sugar fiend. I, Shannon Steven, am addicted to sugar.

Sugar is my highly addictive feel-good drug of choice.

So going cold turkey without sugar? Well that’s been an eye opening experience for everyone around me. It turns out I can be a sullen grumpy cow when I’m craving sugar. And guys? I’m craving sugar. All. The. Fricking. Time.

So yeah. The boxing was great. I think my personal trainer was a little taken aback by it all – she kept saying about how impressed she is that I gave it my absolute all. Unfortunately that wasn’t me giving it my all. That was me visualizing how fucking amazing eating a brownie would be, and then taking out my frustration that there are no fucking brownies at the gym.

(On another note, why aren’t there any brownies at the gym?)

(If I had a gym it would definitely have a brownie bar, right next to the smoothie bar.)

On a more serious note, I was just chatting with a dude at work about the pain of giving up sugar, and about how 12 weeks from now that’s going to be the best brownie I ever had… He was all like “Yeah don’t you mean 12 brownies?” And I was like, ah, no. Because if giving up sugar hurts this much the first time around, I sure don’t want to do it a second time.

So that, I think is a good sign that I’m thinking of serious long-term changes to my diet.

In other news, I went to the gym’s Fight-Do class last night.. and guys? It might have been the sugar withdrawal talking, but it really wasn’t a great class – for starters the music was really quiet, and the instructor had no mike… And I really hate doing weird blocks and stuff without having the purpose or technique explained to me. If it doesn’t have a purpose then I feel kind of stupid doing it.

On the other hand it was alright cardio-wise, so yay?

Afterwards I stayed for Pilates… and yeah… I hated it. I hate stuff that makes me feel like I’m not doing any work. Yes, it hurts, but seriously? We’re going to do 20 minutes of gently lifting our legs up, and breathing?

I guess that’s just not my kind of exercise… Which begs the question, exactly what is my kind of exercise, and how do I find classes that I’m actually going to enjoy? (Because so far we’re batting 1 to four.) I’m going to keep going with sculpt classes, and I think I’ll also check out the spin classes. I think those will probably be painful and high-energy enough to keep me interested.

And finally, in other news, I’m about to add a whole bunch of online comics of my ‘leaf litter’ links. You should check them out because comics are awesome. And they make you forget about how much you miss chocolate.

And finally finally: have you seen this video? If not you should definitely watch it. It’s hilarious. I’m hoping for My Drunk DIY Project next.

5 thoughts on “Personal Training, sweat, and SUGAR WITHDRAWAL.

  1. Had the same prob when I worked at Tangi. Use to drink 6 or 7 cups of coffee with 2 sugars at a time. Worked out I was eating about a cup of sugar every couple of days. Slowly added less and less (Bugga the cold turkey stuff) till I was down to 1/2 a teaspoon. Worked well.
    You’ve got to try all those exercise programs till you find the good ones. Good luck

  2. Cold turkey no sugar? Wow. I feel like that would be impossible for me.

    “I hate stuff that makes me feel like Iโ€™m not doing any work.” Me, too! If I’m exercising, I want to feel it.

  3. If you’re only craving brownies at the gym, that’s one thing. If you start picturing the trainer AS a brownie, then you know you’re in trouble.

    I can’t imagine giving up sugar cold-turkey. That would be as bad as… as… removing bacon from my diet. But, like bacon, after a while you’ll probably get to the point where you won’t need as much sugar to have the same effect. The fact that you’re already planning one brownie instead of twelve is a good sign you’re moving in that direction.

    But if you do decide to engorge on a plate of twelve brownies at the end of this, I think we should get a picture of the event. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Congrats on the detox!!! I’m on Day 6 of a sugar/caffeine detox as a means of trying to holistically treat (or at the very least, moderately help) my ongoing struggles with chronic depression, and I truly think I’m onto something great. Hang in there!!! It gets better. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m writing a lot about what helps (and what doesn’t) at my blog, – come visit! ๐Ÿ™‚

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