This colour looks much better on my nails… As opposed to my bedding…

Huh. I came into my bedroom to finish reading a deliciously debaucherous romance two hours ago.

I only just woke up because my Mum was on the phone wanting to talk about poop quality, cardio, and zumba. (How’s that for a rough awakening!)

Unfortunately, when I went for my impromptu nap, I had just painted my nails this fabulous deep red… And now my nails are looking like I paid a cat to paint them for me. What I wouldn’t give to own more quick-dry nail-polishes!!

So why was I sleeping at 8pm (ie. Grandma o’Clock?)

Well, one of the flaties moonlights as a gym instructor, and she was nice enough to invite me to their new gym class release party… So I pretty much did three hours of HARD work today. (And countless squat and lunge tracks.)

That’s a big tick on my ‘Exercise’ column today. Along with a large tick in my ‘Oh God The Pain’ column.

Anyway, if you’ll excuse me, I have some nail polish to wash out of my sheets! (Also my deliciously trashy romance to finish.)


4 thoughts on “This colour looks much better on my nails… As opposed to my bedding…

  1. God, that’s a HORRIFYING awakening! šŸ˜‰ And I’m exactly the same with my nails. Except I don’t go to sleep. They just always look like I asked a cat to paint them for me! I too need to invest in more quick dry nail polish – maybe I’ll actually practice if I don’t have to sit around for half an hour waiting for them to dry!

  2. Wow – I don’t think I could do three hours of exercise in one day (unless someone tricked me by disguising it as some type of fun game, perhaps). I do love Zumba though because it actually does disguise itself as dancing sort of. I laughed out loud about your describing your manicure as having been done by a cat. I happen to have two cats and I can totally imagine what an atrocious job they would do on my own nails. šŸ™‚ Hi!

  3. My Grandmother always wanted to talk to my Mom about poop quality before she passed away. Had nothing to do with the dementia, she’d always been that way. In her case, I figure it must’a been a consequence of growing up on the farm…

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