I have been suspiciously absent from LP, because it has been a rough few days for me.

That’s not to say I haven’t been writing, because: Oh boy have I been writing! It’s just that a lot of the stuff I have been writing about isn’t exactly blog material. I also have a draft written all about something mortifying, that I’m kind of ashamed of, that I did on Sunday… and, well I’m not really sure I want to put that out onto the net.

I mean, there’s oversharing, and then there’s oversharing.

So instead of posting that draft, I’m just going to say, my cold turkey no sugar challenge took a bit of a hit on Sunday. Or even a spectacular hit.

Enough said.

Anyway. I’m blorking (blogging from work) at the moment (although, naturally I’m on a break) and guys? The office is INFESTED with fruit flies. I’m not talking about the office kitchen, either (although yes, some dork has a bucket for food scraps in there so that’s infested too) I’m talking about my office. Where my desk is.

Oh God. I just googled “Where do fruit flies come from” and I found out that they like the smell of rotting fruit, and they lay 500 eggs at a time and they hatch 30 hours later into larvae. LARVAE.

Ugh. I have shudders of grossness running up and down my spine. There are larvae in the place where I work. That being said, the flies themselves don’t seem as gross now.

… 5 MInutes later – after much investigation, and chasing fruit flies…

Annnnd it turns out they’re in my office because the youth desk has a rubbish bin with a banana peel in it.

… 10 Minutes later …

Ok. I have constructed a fruit fly trap. It’s a jar, with a funnel, and a rotting banana peel. Mwhahaha. I am ingenious and sneaky.

I hope no one saw me steal that banana peel from the compost bin. (I used tongs. Not my fingers.) (All the same, I could do without people thinking I’m weirder than I am at work.)

Also? I came to work in my gym gear today (pre sweat, not post sweat) It got to 1pm and I was still in my PJ’s frantically loading the washing machine with every single pair of pants I own, and I was like, uh, Yeah. I need to get to work. My gym gear was all laid out ready to go by my work stuff and my lunch stuff, and I was like: “Ok. Lets do this. It’s not like I technically work with anyone who will give a crap that I’m in Yoga pants.”

Besides, at that point it was either yoga pants or another 30 minutes late to work.

So it seems todays blog has no real structure or topic as such… So really the only clear way to end it is to recount a conversation I had yesterday:

“Wow your hair looks different!”

Me: “Yes. I brushed it this morning.”

“Oh…” *awkward silence*

I’m thinking that these people don’t get my brand of humor…


7 thoughts on “LARVAE

  1. That is truly horrifying… (The fruit flies/larvae part, obviously) And as for the sugar, I ate five triple chocolate and raspberry brownies for dinner tonight. I’m pretty sure your falling off the sugar wagon has nothing on my dinner… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. LOL! I normally get that comment with the hair…whenever I actually managed to blowdry it (for a change). Think my colleagues have realized I am a wacko anyway so they just laugh at me at this stage…better than avoidance I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Here’s a fun fact: There are fruit larvae on pretty much every piece of fruit you buy at the store. Just are. That’s where they come from – you buy them. One of the perks of mass-produced and long-range-transported food.

    Another trap? Put some honey in a cup, saran wrap the top and poke a few holes in it. They get in, but can’t get out.

    PS I think your hair looked better before you brushed it… just sayin’.. .;)

  4. I had fruit flies in my house once, probably came in on a peach I bought at the farmers market. Discovered the oddest thing while trapping them: honey didn’t work for me, but they were attracted to, of all things, tartar sauce. Never could figure that one out.

    I often like to react with total and complete shock when people ask me if I got my hair cut…

  5. YES! I love the hair comment! I say that too, and people just go, “What? Really?” You have an EXCELLENT sense of humor!

    Have you ever read Laurie Notaro? I think you’d like it.

    And fruit flies are gross. I constantly think I’ve inhaled one if I’m in an area where they are. Bugs are disgusting. I think that’s why every summer the Fates make sure one smacks me in the face.

  6. MOMM: *Snigger* momm! Would you believe that I took your brownies and raised you a pizza, deep fried doghnuts, a snickers bar, and a whole packet of tim tams? I told my nutritionist about it yesterday, and instead of yelling at me, she said “wow. A whole packet of tim tams? thats… determination if nothing else…”

    Ivy: Yeah people are always saying stuff like this when I straighten mine… It makes me wonder just how bad it looks when I don’t bother!!

    Nikki: Um. Listen, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, BUT THAT IS NOT A FUN FACT. That’s gross. and now I have to go wash Larvae off all the fruit in the fridge. Or I could just burn it all and never eat fruit again….
    Also: Thank you – I love your shirt, it’s a great colour for you!

    Geekhiker: Tartar sauce? EW. Gross. Imagine all the larvae in that!!

    MissMcCracken: I have not read Laurie Notaro… But I am about to go away and google it! (I love google. I’d marry it if i could.)

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