What do you believe in?

Can you believe that this is the first question I’ve picked out of my jar?! I can’t believe it’s taken me so long! I believe I’ve even forgotten what questions I put in there! Believe you me!

Alright moving on…

I believe in my legs – because they ache, and pain makes everything seem more real, I guess. I had a PT session yesterday, and my PT made me do 20 minutes uphill on a treadmill, walking and running up impossible slopes. I nearly died. I think maybe I offended this woman in a past life or something.

I believe in the inevitability of karma – if you send bad vibes out into the universe, then it is inevitable that those bad vibes are going to come back and bite you in the karmatic ass.

I believe in self awareness. I strive to be aware of my motivations and actions, and honest about them. It means being honest about qualities that I don’t like so much, and equally honest about qualities that make me proud to be who I am.

I believe that it is possible to change myself for the better. Evolution is the key to survival, and I am constantly learning, changing, and evolving.

I believe in being a good person. My definition of ‘a good person’ will, no doubt, be different from everyone else’s, but the important thing is that I’ve put time and thought into what makes a good person, rather than just accepting what an authority figure has told me. I believe in setting my own rules and expectations, and living up to them.

I believe in giving tourists directions. (And a surprising number ask me for them.)

I believe in questioning orders, and imposed authority.

I believe that the only person in this world that I have control over is myself, therefore attempting to control others actions, and feelings is time and effort ill-spent – EVEN if I have good intentions.

I believe in quiet and solitude – everyone needs a little every day to just be. Quiet helps me ground myself, and touch base with how I’m doing without the distraction of every-day chaos around me.

I believe in withholding judgement until I know facts. I believe in doing my own research, because there is danger in blindly accepting everything you are told.

I believe in the power of triple chocolate chip cookies. Unfortunately I also believe that possibly the power of chocolate needs to be reserved for actual crisis – rather than just 3.00pm. Similarly I believe in the power of bad TV, magazines about your love life, horoscopes, and pores, soppy romance, and scifi movies… but in moderation.

I believe in sports bra’s, yoga pants, horses, sunny days, my friends and family, petting strangers cats, science, rationality, daphne’s, and the importance of cooking chicken correctly.

And finally? I believe in ghosts, monsters, and chainsaw murderers hiding in my closet – but only when it’s dark and scary.

So it turns out I believe in a lot… And looking back on what I’ve just written, I can see that I trust my own judgement -which is awesome – because once upon a time I didn’t so much, and there’s nothing so awful as not knowing if you can trust yourself!

So tell me, what do you believe in?


5 thoughts on “What do you believe in?

  1. I believe that being asked to grope a taxidermied kangaroo to assist in the lifting process is the weirdest thing I’ve ever had to do at work. Yes, that was my morning… o.O

  2. I believe that I’ll have to ponder that question for a bit. It is a good one, though.

    I also believe that I now have that old Cher song stuck in my head, now. Damn you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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