Progress Report

Week one of the 12 week challenge was… challenging. Also? Painful.

I’m not talking metaphorical pain either. I’m talking withdrawal headaches, interrupted sleep, and muscle cramps. Also? On Sunday night I ended up eating a pizza, and an entire packet of tim tams, and guys? That hurt too. Hoo boy did that hurt.

But I’m feeling more on top of things today. I’m well on my way through week two, and I’m feeling like I’ve at least got my nutrition under control.

My Nutritionist has asked me to stop eating carbs at night, so I’ve changed from pasta to lean meat and vegetables. I miss my pasta, BUT I can still have it for lunch if I want it.

I have also discovered the snack. I have to eat 5 times a day, wich includes two snacks between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner. The snacking helps keep my energy up, and my sugar craving down.

With the glaring exception of Sunday I have managed to go nearly two weeks without sugar, and processed foods (like chippies, cake, chocolate bars, and takeaways.)

I’m also feeling all kinds of excited about the personal training. Last week I did a boxing session that made me HAPPY. Tuesday I did 20 minutes of cardio that I honestly didn’t think I’d survive – It was the most painful 20 minutes I’ve ever spent on a treadmill, and that includes the time I shot off the back of one into a wall.

Today I did a weights circuit that nearly killed me. As I wobbled my way down the stairs – bracing myself on the bannister, one of the other PT’s said she’d seen me upstairs working really hard. I only just managed to refrain from telling her that it was just as well I worked hard, because my PT would probably throw medicine balls at me if I didn’t.

I didn’t say it. And my PT wouldn’t do it. (Probably.) But the fact remains that I work so much harder when I have someone standing right there waiting for me to give up. All of a sudden it seems imperative that I finish my set of pushups even if it hurts so much I think my shoulders might be bleeding.

I get kind of stubborn about giving up sometimes.

Progress report: I’m feeling strong, and motivated, and I am actually really loving that I have to eat 5 times a day OR ELSE. I’m almost never hungry.   
Activity Report: I’ve managed to work out for a minimum of 20 minutes cardio, plus my weights program every single day except Sunday. Most days I do more than that by hitting group classes, or TKD as well.
Weight lost:  1.6 kgs – Thank god. I’ve been so scared that I’d actually gain weight or something stupid like that!
Body Fat: 40.1% – Woho .4% down! I find it hard to get excited about that, but my PT certainly was.


3 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. My hardest part about having a personal trainer (which I haven’t in years) is usually the cost. As much good as they do me by pushing me, I’m distracted while doing so by the $$ I know I’m spending. Whether that makes me thrifty or a cheap-a**, I’ll let you decide.

    Awesome news on your progress, though. And that PT you ran into on the stairwell? She was giving you a compliment, you know. 🙂

  2. i always gain weight when i start working out. it’s super irritating. but i’m definitely the same way – i work out WAY harder when there’s someone who will notice if i wimp out. that’s why i like team sports and group classes!

  3. I red somewhere that you should aim for under 32% body fat, so I’d be excited about it too, Body fat is HARD to shift, and you’re nearly 5% of the way there!

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